anakayub....follow up help

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anakayub....follow up help

Post by deputydeacon »

hey im the one who had the add on question for my laptop, you stated to get the folder The_Era_You_Want and the file The_Era_You_Want.cft file and put them in wesnoth/userdata/camapign. i have 2 questions.
1. where are the the era you want folder and file
2. just slip them into the campaign folder then dump all the add on campaings in the same folder and thats it

thanks for taking the time
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Re: anakayub....follow up help

Post by nataS »

deputydeacon wrote:hey im the one who had the add on question for my laptop
Ah was that you.
deputydeacon wrote:Hey I need some help. Here is the issue. On my home computer I can play BfW with no problem. I can download add ons and play. My problem is my laptop. I can play Wesnoth 1.4 but I'm having trouble with the add ons. I can't hook my laptop up to the internet to download the add-ons, so I'm trying to figure out a way to save add-ons on the disc and copying them. I did this and put all the add-ons into the "missions" and "campaigns" folders on my laptop but nothing. Any help would be helpful. Thanks.
If you copy the campaigns folder (see below for default locations) from one computer to the other you can play the add-ons. With the only limitation that both installations must be the same version of Wesnoth.

- Windows: C:\Program Files\Wesnoth\userdate\data\campaigns\
- Linux: ~/.wesnoth/data/campaigns/
- Mac: ~/Libraray/Preferences/Wesnoth/data/campaigns/

I hope this was helpful!

If you need further help please provide the following information:
1) What operating system are you running on both computers (Windows XP/Windows Vista/Ubuntu/...)
2) What version of Wesnoth are you running on your laptop? (You can find this in small font at bottom left in main menu)
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