Can't download any extra campaigns/eras/factions

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Saint Jack
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Can't download any extra campaigns/eras/factions

Post by Saint Jack »

Just like the title says. I can't seem to connect to the server; I keep getting a message saying that the remote host has disconnected. Any suggestions?
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Post by torangan »

State wheter you use 1.0.x or 1.1.x and try it again at a later time. Might be a temporary downtime/hangup of the server. If so, it'll usually be fixed rather soon once it's been brought up to the devs. Best way for that is to join the IRC channel #wesnoth-dev on
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Post by MadMax »

Same here. I have an updated version of FtF sitting on my hard drive, ready to go, but I can't connect to the campaign server to upload it.

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Post by Free »

Yeah, I can't either and tried two different times on 1.1.8.
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Temuchin Khan
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Post by Temuchin Khan »

Same problem here.
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Post by Sapient »

brunowolf wrote the following in IRC about five days ago:
brunowolff wrote:The move for my server that occured while I was away didn't work out well. I think DSL at the new location didn't happen and will be checking further today. So the web page for downloading campaigns is still unavailable, but hopefully will be available again soon.

I did get an update on my server connection. The delayed DSL install happened yesterday, but there is a problem with the loop. This could be a bad problem since the connection is through a competitor to the local phone comapny, but the phone company needs to fix it. They like to drag these out and then offer to fix it quickly if you switch to them. So the connection could be active in a couple of days or a couple of weeks. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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Post by Bombax »

What do I actually need to do to download campaigns?

I just cant figure it out. Id be just awesome, if somebody could explain it to me with all possible details.

Thanx a lot
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Post by ivanovic »

Do not forget, there are two different things:
1) The campaign server:
This one is where the campaigns you reach ingame are actually hosted. This machine was hanging but was just restarted.
2) The Webinterface:
you reach it when you enter in your browser. This is the one maintained by brunowolff. And it will be down until his server works again.

The Webinterface and the campaign server itself are two independent things.
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Post by Bombax »

So, how does ist work with the campaign server. How do I get to it?
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Post by jg »

Don't know which version of Wesnoth you are using, but normally:

1. Open Wesnoth, click the button 'Get Add-ons', wait till it is finished loading, then you get a list and doubleclick any campaign you want to start the download.

2. Open Wesnoth (this is on earlier versions), press Campaigns button, scroll to the end, press the 'More campaigns' button (not sure about the name of the button) and from then on do the same as above.

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Post by tsr »

There is a web interface too, try that too (when I tried now both the in-game and the web interface worked, before neither did, so maybe this tip isn't that valuable :D)

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Post by Flametrooper »

I have the same problem (Wesnoth 1.1.8, Windows 2000). I click "Get Add-Ons" and it starts to load, then says: "ERROR: Remote host disconnected." :? I've tried a few times.
EDIT: I just tried again, and it worked. Strange.
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can't get campaigns

Post by Grevanar »

I can't seem to get any extra campaigns. I have tried the website, but it won't display and gives the error that I can't connect to it. If I try to download campaigns through the game, it says receiving data with a progress bar beneath it that stays at 0%. Even when I left it for like an hour. I run version 1.0.2 for windows. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?
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Post by Noyga »

The campaign server had some problem lately, it could be that...
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Post by Soliton »

As already mentioned in this thread if the campaign server is unresponsive join IRC and report it and it will get restarted (don't forget to mention which version; stable or development).
The campaign server is unfortunately quite unstable so it can happen quite often. (Developers needed to fix that :wink:) Also when the campaign server is down the backend of the web interface can't connect to it, so it will not work either.
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