The South Guard

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De Cock Hans
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Post by De Cock Hans »

I have had it to. Killed everything (Trolls & Lich) but no victory condition.

Wesnoth 1.1.2

Campaign level : Hard
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Post by Jym »

I'm playing The South Guard (on BfW 1.12).

At first, I choosed the elves, and managed to end eveyrhing without much trouble.
Then, I replayed from scenarion 5 in order to have the bandit scenarios too. Of course, scenario 7 was like hell, but it's intended that way...

What trouble me most is that in scenarion 8 I'm unable to recall most of my veterans. Only 2 mermens and 1 longbowmen appear in the recall menu but I have far more troops than that...

In scenario 6b, I'm able to recall all my veterans. In 7b, none of them (but I guess this is intended since Gerrick is in command rather than Deoran) and in 8b, only thoose 3 and noone else. In the elves line, I was able to recall everybody.

Is this intentionnal ? Is this a bug ?

A quick browsing through the scenario file mentionned the differents defenses you have for living long in 7b but I did not find anything about limiting recruitment, plus these 3 units I can recruit are the same wheter I use my cheated game with 40 turns of survival or my regular one with only 12...
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Post by Tropico »

I just finished the South Guard on easy... Just wanna say it makes a fantastic learning experience for a first-time player who just completed the basic tutorial and is looking to understand the game a bit deeper.

In fact, I think you should add a suggestion at the end of the first tutorial to play this campaign specifically. It's just a natural progression for a newbie.
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Post by LibrarianBrent »

This campaign is without a doubt one of the best helps to newbies out there. Good work, and I suggest *everyone* should play this after the tutorial to get a grasp of Wesnoth basics.
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Post by RealNitro »

I'm playing this map on easy using Wesnoth version 1.1.2a, and I think I found a bug in "Choice in the Fog". When I chose to join the side of the bandits, and the bandit leader was killed, the campaign just continued as if nothing happened, while I should have been defeated at that moment.

Also: the "Into the Depths" map is really, really hard. I only received 100 gold, and the ranged attack of the Lich is very, very strong... (I don't know how hard this map is on trivial, but if I were a new player, that's where I might stop playing. The map is quite boring -- hardly any fights -- and its too difficult.) Does anyone have any tips on how to kill that Lich? Some special units I should recruit?

Other than that: great campaign! I enjoy it!
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Post by Kamamura »

Still getting errors in 1.1.7+SVN:

Missing closing tag for tag ai at /home/kamamura/.wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/scenarios/2.Proven_By_The_Sword.cfg:68 included from /home/kamamura/.wesnoth/data/campaigns//The_South_Guard.cfg:48 at /home/kamamura/.wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_South_Guard/scenarios/2.Proven_By_The_Sword.cfg:70 included from /home/kamamura/.wesnoth/data/campaigns//The_South_Guard.cfg:48
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Post by Noyga »

Hmmm ... With v1.1.7+ The South Guard campaign is mainline, not anymore in the userdata directory (which is an old version for 1.1 & 1.1.1 only).
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Post by MisterSlack »

I found a bug at the end of Choice in Fog.

It's actually possible to kill the lich at the end: I had a white mage standing next to him at the end of my turn, during the computer's turn the lich attacked my mage, and got killed by the mage's counterattacks. The scenario ended immediately and no dialog was given. It took me to the next scenario, Tidings Good and Ill, but there was no Garrick! The only unit on the map was one of the rangers I'd been given earlier, so when I ended the first turn I lost immediately due to not having my commander present.
Higher Game
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Post by Higher Game »

I have an issue with this one. I am playing Wesnoth 1.2 and the version of The South Guard that comes with it. I am on "hard" difficulty. I leveled my leader to level 3, and chose the option for barbed (slow) attacks, but he didn't get anything out of it! What's wrong? :evil:
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Post by ElectricEel »

Played this in 1.2 yesterday. Overall, a good campaign, though Vengeance was terrible and Into the Depths a bit boring. I noticed a few bugs:

-Same problem as Higher Game with the Infantry Lieutanant guy you get in the first mission.

-Weirdness with your mounted leader guy (I'm having difficulty remembering names). His level, experience required to level and HP change for no apparent reason between the last three scenarios where he is present. Here are the comparisons, no leveling happened to him in these scenarios:

Choice in the Fog - level 2, hp 38/38, XP required to level up 40
Into the Depths - level 3, hp 60/38 (reduced to 38 next turn by the game), XP required to level up 40
Vengeance - level 2, hp 38/60, XP required to level up 500
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Post by Septim »

Finished yesterday (game version 1.2, difficulty "hard")

Some bugs:

1) I had similar problems as Higher Game and ElectricEel. The upgrades of Deoran and Gerrick didn't work correctly :cry:.
2) There were also some missing dialogs and in some Deoran's dialogs wasn't his portrait.
3) Mistake in statistics was appeared.
4) Picture of Deoran in Load window didn't correspond to his likeness in last scenario (picture didn't "switch" back to "horse form")
5) Problems with Deoran's stats when he dismount and mount.
6) I couldn't save replay of one last scenario (Vengeance), because no replay was offered!
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bug at 8a Vengeance

Post by lebidibule »

version : 1.3.1
OS : Open Suse 10.2
played and enjoyed till the last scenario (Vengeance), because in this scenario Erithiel isn't in my group, and I cannot win.
Any help/workaround ?
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Post by KillerDwarf »

I can "second" the above bug.

I can verify the character was in "Into the Depths", the previous round. But in Vengeance, the characters are all talking at the start, including her being mentioned (she's required for the round), but the character is just "not there".
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1.2.2 Tidings, Good and Ill: only 2 units?

Post by Seldom »

I seem to have run into an impossible situation on Tidings, Good and Ill (middle difficulty). I only have Gerrick and one level 2 Ranger. Without any way of healing or getting additional units, I submit that completing this mission is impossible.

Wesnoth 1.2.2, OS X 10.4.8

Is there a way to resolve this? I was enjoying this campaign so far :)
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Post by Ilanin »

Thirding the above bug, this time in Windows. In addition, I note that the recall buffer empties itself as well.

BFW version 1.2.2, OS is WinXP/SP2 and whatever updates are current.

Save attached. I allied with the trolls in Into the Depths; ISTR that either a troll killed the Lich or he was killed on his own turn, either of which might have something to do with the bug.
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