Under the Burning Suns

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Re: Under the Burning Suns

Postby doofus-01 » February 11th, 2018, 6:20 am

Bob_The_Mighty wrote:1. I was playing with the new elf units. The art and design for these are great, it occasionally leads to a different style of play which is refreshing. But where are the nice new portraits?
The portraits are being worked on, don't worry. If anyone is wondering, any revenue from mobile apps that we get is being put into commissions for such portraits, or animations for mainline units, if it isn't being spent to keep servers running.
Bob_The_Mighty wrote:8. Due to terrain and movement costs my scouts could never scout. This job always fell to my flying healers which were much more mobile in every situation. I love the Tourach riders, but the scouts seemed a bit pointless in comparison.
This is good to know; hopefully there is a slight adjustment that would make the scouts more useful? Changing the shallow water movement, for example? Is the "disengage" ability a bit low-value, like "first-strike"? It was a new idea, but maybe it doesn't pan out. :hmm:
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Re: Under the Burning Suns

Postby Bob_The_Mighty » February 11th, 2018, 1:43 pm

Disengage is a bit low-value I suppose, but it's a nice ability. I sometimes forgot about it, but I did manage to pull off a few tricks when I set out to use it properly. It's fine, especially in the context of all the other abilities in the faction. Of course, if their movement costs changed it might become even more useful. I'd say scouts should excel in at least one of the difficult terrains you often encounter. Caves or mountains would probably make most sense. Maybe leave water for the fliers and nerf their cave movement? (No room to spread their wings...)

Leadership on the Tourach wasn't that much use as they aren't very mobile and you can get usually a bigger bonus from Kaleh or Nym.
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