A Sylph description is a bit too much transcendental

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A Sylph description is a bit too much transcendental

Post by Aldarisvet »

I was translating and...

Just what a nonsense is that

http://units.wesnoth.org/1.15/mainline/ ... Sylph.html

Tremendously powerful in unfathomable ways, the sage-like Sylphs are masters of manipulating the bridge between the mundane and arcane worlds. Long years spent peering into the ethereal realm have eroded the ability of these elves to view the physical world; in return, they are granted an abstract sight, gaining the ability to view one or even several different aspects of reality’s essence. Like the many shards of a broken mirror, the myriad fractures of the material world reflect the light of the arcane through its many different facets. Careful practice allows one to follow these threads from pane to pane, observing how each outcome evolves through the sea of free will. While direct weaving of the connecting fabric is usually impossible to achieve, indirect manipulation is feasible by machination in the corporeal plane where the reflection of the earthly sphere is thinnest. The ability of a Sylph to locate these ‘reflection pools’ and steer them is one of her greatest — and most feared — abilities.


First to say, I like the conception of this description and new elves descriptions in general.
But these sentences - I can only guess what the author was meaning. I myself think I catched the idea. I've read Castaneda and so on. Most translators would fail, I am sure. I think most of native English will fail to understand what is written here. I was able to translate this to Russian adding some details from myself. But as it is it looks like a product of using "Lophophora williamsii".

From that point - "follow these threads from pane to pane" the text looks as absolute nonsense, rambling nonsense. I cannot even say exactly what is wrong - everything is. The conception must be explained more carefully, so it would be understandable.
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Re: A Sylph description is a bit too much transcendental

Post by Yomar »

I agree.
I mean. I like the description, sounds like that it was taken from a fantasy book, but for BFW I think something simpler would fit better.
Some parts don't make much sense anyway, like "they loose the ability to see the physical world" how do they fight then ?
How they coordinate various things ?

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