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Wesnoth Fanfic with Replay

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The Raid on Clearing
By Vaylon Kenadell
Commissioned by Aumpa Lumlor

Kugdosh and his orcs all laughed when they first heard the challenge.

Emerging from the northern wildlands on one of their raids, the orcish warband had been met by a company of elves and academy mages. A brutal fight ensued. In the end, along a bend of the Great River at a village called Clearing, the orcs surrounded the elves.

To spare his soldiers from certain slaughter, Lhorevan, a red mage and the leader of the elvish company, challenged Kugdosh to an honorable duel. It was undoubtedly a move born of desperation.

Kugdosh was unmoved by the challenge.

“Honor ain’t worth a runt’s festering bunghole,” he said to his lieutenants. “Kill ‘em all!”

“Afraid of the smoothskins, are we?” Grigdishnak gurgled a terrible laugh. He was one of Kugdosh’s lieutenants, but he had gotten faster and tougher than his commander, and they both knew it.

The orcs were looking between the two of them. Kugdosh cursed and spat. But in his black heart, he feared Grigdishnak more.

“Step forward, then!” shouted Kugdosh to the mage.

The elves withdrew, and the orcs allowed Lhorevan to pass by. They formed a ring around him and chuckled in their throats. In the west, daylight was dying.

Kugdosh emerged from the encampment and drew his short sword, rushing at the red mage with a fierce cry. The mage was armed with only a staff and could barely defend himself.

The mage raised his hand, but no fire came forth. Mocking him, Kugdosh jumped back and loosed a bolt from his crossbow, hitting the mage in the shoulder. The rest of the orcs hooted.

With the setting of the sun, Kugdosh had the advantage. The mage was wounded. Tonight the orcs would dine on pork and mutton and beef, all raided from the surrounding farms.

Suddenly, a wreath of flame flashed in the night. It encircled Kugdosh, and he screamed. He struck Lhorevan with one last bolt, but it was too late.

Kugdosh fell dead, burnt beyond recognition.

By the time the orcs realized what had happened, the fire was already leaping through the dry, grassy field towards them. They turned and fled into the dark.

Lhorevan survived the fire, for the grass around him was so wet with blood that it could not ignite. After he recovered, he and the elves helped the villagers rebuild.

Grigdishnak never got his promotion; two days later, a elvish sharpshooter put an arrow straight through his eye, and the Wesnoth record-keepers considered that the official end of the raid on Clearing.

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