A new history: need help

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Re: A new history: need help

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mysterious_haruko wrote: July 3rd, 2018, 9:06 pm I have question - how it was decided that Wesnoth Empire must be ended by third sun's fall and not by other cataclysms like famine or barbarian attacks? This question holds my mind a very long time.
I don't know. Maybe some wise "elders" in this forum can give an answer to this question.

Anywhere, I'm working in the lore of my campaign and I'm having some difficulties to make it as "canonical" as possible. The problem is:

There is said in the wiki that there where three great wars between elves and dwarves separates by a few decades of peace. I'm triying to explain them, but... What could be the trigger of the first war?

I thought that it could be an elvish amulet. An item that Eloh gave to the first of elves, made from precious gems, with magical powers: This allowed the elves to use magic. In other terms, this could be the physical channel that allows elves to be magical beings, unlike dwarves. And adding intensity, could even be the link that relates elves with the fairies.

If this amulet makes sense, then elves could organize expeditions in order to search this amulet in dwarven territory (it was sealed underground so it could never fall in bad hands, but when elves realized they gave the territory where the amulet was hidden to dwarves, they tried to retrieve it before dwarves realized it was there).

Therefore, dwarves caught elves in their territory when they were fleing with the item, and dwarves stole it, claiming that was their.

Makes it sense?

Also, is not so important, but... Did elves explode mines to obtain metals before dwarves reached the surface?
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Re: A new history: need help

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I think it's pretty obvious. It's the closest to a nuclear explosion.
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