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Re: More Races/Factions

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Gyra_Solune wrote:
Celtic_Minstrel wrote:Regarding transforming units, I seem to recall the Era of Four Moons had one - a sort of beastman whose form adapted to the terrain.

I have my doubts that vampires can be diverse enough to fill an entire faction (I think I've seen the vampire faction mentioned, and was not impressed).

I'd like to see a Quenoth Elves faction in MP with the new desert elf units created for 1.13. I think I've only seen a few factions floating around the addons server that I like, though. Aragwaithi was one of them, and I think there were a couple of others too.

With how the UtBS redesign is coming, the Quenoth would make for a solid faction totally different from the regular elves. They'd need two more units to get to the basic six - I think the Mermaid would be a good aquatic scout, and maybe the Scorpling would be a decent recruit.

I've been looking at this for a few months, and the Quenothians basically only need a heavy cavalry unit, and a few changes made to other units--like making the Tauroch Rider units faster, and so on. Because of how that faction is currently set up, I would think that something oriented on the Sassanid Persians--light, heavy, and super-heavy cavalry--would probably work best. Make them very good at defending in open ground, where they have the space and the sight lines to react to enemy attacks, and very bad at dealing with forests and mountains, where sightlines and/or movement are much more restricted. This would give them a totally different dynamic than other factions, who typically don't have as effective a defense on plains as elsewhere.

I am currently putting together a campaign for this idea, and have inserted a bow-equipped heavy cavalry unit called a "Savaran" to fill the heavy cavalry gap. The Savaran has a relatively shock-weapon melee attack, and a decent bow attack, just like the Persians, which lets it hang in the fight a lot longer than a horseman, and engage in much heavier combat...but its lack of a charge attack means that it can't hammer support units or ranged units the way a horseman can, and there's a lot more enemies equipped to resist bladed weapons than normal weapons.

Currently, my tree is Savaran => Azudan => Deghan => Quenothian Hero. If you can get me pictures for them, I'll post the whole faction, as I've figured it (I've gone and done a bit of re-working some of the other units, too), and let folks do the testing to balance it out.
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Re: More Races/Factions

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Celtic_Minstrel wrote:Regarding transforming units, I seem to recall the Era of Four Moons had one - a sort of beastman whose form adapted to the terrain.
You mean the unit called "Shifter" from EoFM's "Dalefolk" faction, they shift to beaver, bear, goat, boar or human shape. This unit is one reason, why i enjoy playing Dalefolks very much. :)
I like beavers.
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Re: More Races/Factions

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That's the exact unit I was talking about, yes. :) I haven't actually played EoFM more than once or twice, though. I don't even have it installed on 1.12 (it was 1.10 when I tried it).
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