Epic of Jalin story overhaul

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Epic of Jalin story overhaul

Postby Lord-Knightmare » March 6th, 2015, 4:21 pm

I searched my PMs and found the now-forgotten story of Epic of Jalin. It was a campaign of the WoL timeline that, sadly, never even reached its alpha testing state.

The campaign takes place somewhere in the northeastern part of the Great Continent (which may not agree with the current map). The plot itself is convoluted: there are instances where the writer defies the existing story and timeline (even that of mainline). Those instances should/could by changed.

I'm posting the plot here so that a UMC creator can make the story into a campaign that will fit the WoL timeline :D .

Lastly, yes. The story plot is open for discussion.

The Timeline:

Note: the campaign can fit anywhere on the timeline after the prehistory entries.

There was no abandoned storyline subtopic/page and thus, I posted this here.
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