Hero of Irdya Storyline Development

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Hero of Irdya Storyline Development

Post by Lord-Knightmare » May 23rd, 2014, 9:52 am

Even though I have not finished The Legend Begins yet, I have already drafted the plot for the sequel: Hero of Irdya. However, I am not entirely satisfied with it and it still lacks 'awesomeness.' Thus, I am posting it here for feedback and constructive criticism.

Before you start reading, please familiarise yourself with the plot for The Legend Begins, which can be found here; as well as the timeline of events.
What I have so far:
Please feel free to express your thoughts and suggestions on improvement :D . I shall not be checking this before the 10th of June since my IAL AS exams are not finished yet. Until then, Happy Typing :P!

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