Mainline chronology discrepancies as of 1.9.4

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Mainline chronology discrepancies as of 1.9.4

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I've read the 1.9.4 campaign scenarios, the Lore Collections, the History of Wesnoth, the campaign forums, all chronology-related threads in the Writer's Forum and the most recent fourth of the User's Forum. I have found conflicts with dates, nobody is addressing these conflicts, and I propose solutions:

Liberty, S8: "In the Year of Wesnoth 161, 338 years before Asheviere's betrayal"...
Problem: the quote states Garard II died in 499, yet the HoW webpage says he died in 501.
Recommendation 1 (preferred): change "338" to "340".
Recommendation 2: delete "338 years before Asheviere's betrayal, "
If the quote in the Liberty campaign is changed, the change will need to be reflected in its Lore Collection entry.
Heir to the Throne, intro: "In the twenty-seventh year of the reign of Garard II"... ..."war with the Orcs of the North."
History of Wesnoth: "470 YW - Garard I dies; Garard II ascends to the throne of Wesnoth"
Problem: According to timeline.txt of DM, Garard II was crowned in 473 YW. The twenty-seventh year of his reign is 499 YW. Garard II went to war in 500 YW.
Recommendation: change "twenty-seventh" to "twenty-eighth", and change the HoW page's coronation date to "473 YW".
Heir to the Throne, S11: "This is where your father and uncle were betrayed, almost nineteen years ago now"...
Problem: the quote is spoken in late 517 YW. Nineteen years ago (late 499 YW) predates the war with the nothern orcs.
Recommendation 1: change "nineteen" to "seventeen".
Recommendation 2 (preferred): use seventeen years, but instead convert years into smaller denominations, to emphasize the weight of time on Delfador's mind. For instance, on Earth, "16.75 years" would become "six-thousand, one-hundred and eighteen nights". Perhaps something could be used from the forum threads about the Irdyan calendar here or here. If you're not interested in establishing calendars, we already know that seasons exist ("sixty-six" or "sixty-seven").
I sense resistance to rewriting the mainline campaigns, and so considered rewriting the History of Wesnoth instead of the campaigns, but:
1) the listed quotes conflict with other mainline campaigns and sometimes their own campaign.
2) fixing the campaigns to fit the History of Wesnoth involves changes in one or two words, and is easier than recalculating entire eras of the History of Wesnoth.
3) AFAIK, these changes do not create additional chronology problems.
Please, writers, fix the canon.

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Re: Mainline chronology discrepancies as of 1.9.4

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Thanks, I've incorporated those suggestions.

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