Spirits Giving Form.

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Re: Spirits Giving Form.

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Ok, what about this:
Spirits already existed in the "mundane realm" they had magic perhaps, but likely it was weak or didn't exist. For some reason, the magical realm periodically came so close to the mundane one that some weaker magical spirits could cross over seeking refuge from stronger predatory ones. The spirits of the mundane realm resisted them since in this realm, spirits did not prey on eachoter, where as in the magical realm that was all that happened. The mundane spirits merged with inert physical matter in order to escape the magical spirits, who preyed on them, then the magical spirits did the same, but they transformed the matter, thus, spirits who hid in the soil were attacked by plants, and they produced animals to defend themselves. The conflict was eventually resolved when inteligent life developed as a result of interaction between mundane and magical spirits, the inteligent life was developed by mundane spirits who wanted to find a way to wield magic, thus redressing the balance. Inteligent life found out about the magical realm and how to contact it, and bring the more powerful spirits across who would threaten all life. Once this happened everybody made friends to keep the really bad spirits out.

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