Wesnoth nobility/etiquette (draft)

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Wesnoth nobility/etiquette (draft)

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I've started a draft article on the Wiki about Wesnoth nobility among the various races, and some of the associated etiquette. There are still gaps, and I haven't even checked it against the game canon yet. But the basic structure is now there, and the next stage is to let people know it exists and to ask for comments and observations. Anyone familiar with the Dead Water and Hammer of Thursagen campaigns who wanted to fill in the missing details on those campaigns, please feel free.


BTW, I think when it goes live it will probably get a different name - 'Wesnoth nobles' or something, with the etiquette as a supplemental part, not the core of the article. As I said, 'draft'.

Second, there seems to be nothing at all on the Nagas at present. It might be interesting to have a go at fleshing them out. Most of the other races, I think we do have a fair idea how things ought to go, even if not much has been written down yet.
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Re: Wesnoth nobility/etiquette (draft)

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It seems to me like this is venturing more into how various societies in Wesnoth are structured, rather than just ranks of nobles and courtesy between them. I think this could be a good thing to have, and there's probably a fair bit to be gleaned from the various race descriptions, including the new ones (I need to download the latest version and see what all made it in :hmm: ). I've got a lot of idea for the nagas, but I recall esr saying he had some big plans for them soon, so I don't want to step on any toes.
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