desperately seeking...

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desperately seeking...

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new to the forums, but i have spent some time surfing around now, & as a writer, i'm looking for 3 specific things:

1. the "complete history" of the wesnoth universe, which i have found parts of in various places & mostly on the wiki, but i can't seem to find a "start page" or "hub/portal" that provides central organization of the material, indexing, etc.

2. a concordance or "little history" which gives basic outlines & continuity for writing in the wesnoth universe.

3. is there anything like a meta-chart of the entire wesnoth universe/multiverse showing eras, timelines, interactions, etc.

i know there is a lot of stuff out there, but it seems to be scattered all over the place, which is rather frustrating.

if there isn't an working group for organizing the in-universe stuff into a coherent whole, is anybody interested in starting one? :)

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Re: desperately seeking...

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Back to work. Current projects: Catching up on commits. Picking Meridia back up. Sprite animations, many and varied.

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