Adjective/Adverb Chart for Unit Names

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Adjective/Adverb Chart for Unit Names

Post by artisticdude »

I've noticed during my time on the Wesnoth forums that some artists/unit designers run into trouble naming their sprites, and eventually end up using either a name that has already been used by another unit or is only a slight deviation from another unit's name. Hence I was wondering if it would be any help to collect a list of possible adjectives/adverbs to describe a unit. For instance, say someone makes a variation of the walking corpse. Instead of 'walking,' you could use:



Does this idea have any merit, or is it unnecessary? :hmm:
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Re: Adjective/Adverb Chart for Unit Names

Post by ancestral »

Perhaps designers simply need to utilize their thesauri?
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Re: Adjective/Adverb Chart for Unit Names

Post by thespaceinvader »

Or utilise appropriate prefixes for their unit IDs. There are, after all, only a certain number of decent names, and there are a LOT of units out there. |
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Re: Adjective/Adverb Chart for Unit Names

Post by Frogger5 »

I have got increasingly bored of the words shadow, black, and dark. All used to describe, ether artifacts or necromancers. Of course, they're popular words, so there's no stopping people using them. There are some good names out there, but so many of those precious names are wasted...
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