Wesnothian poetry

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Wesnothian poetry

Post by Fairy »

I read somewhere that poetry was a needed thing too, so here is a poem,
do with it whatever you guys like ;)

(p.s. if someone could throw a grammar check against it I would be very glad indeed)
The story is the story of Sir Giberruck and his life.
I see this as a famous story told by generation upon generation by storytellers.

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Re: Wesnothian poetry

Post by Zigg »

In the first line, sir should have a Capital at the start.


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Re: Wesnothian poetry

Post by melinath »

It looks interesting. Best part is that since it's a folk tale, it doesn't have to be rooted in fact. Though it would reflect the time in which it was written, to an extent. Did you have a time in mind?

Also, are you planning to keep working on this?

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