Ford of Abez 501 YW - About the Battle

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Ford of Abez 501 YW - About the Battle

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Ford of Abez 501 YW - About the Battle by Oddry Arun with help from many survivors

A. How the Battle Went

Garard's army of 30,000 men reached the ford of Abez early in the morning, hoping to finish the fight before nightfall. Garard spilt his men into 2 - his men and Eldred's, but gave Eldred more, hoping to improve his skills as a commander. Garaad had his 5,000 horsemen form into a long, long line, then charge at the orcs. The orcs had few spears with them and the charge tore apart their puny goblin spearmen before slamming into their grunts. Garard was badly wounded, but his troops rushed up to guard him.

Eldred had added his Horsemen to the charge, and then had all his infantry attack the orcs on the right and left flanks. The orcs there held out for a while, then retreated and sent in the veterans, who managed to push back Eldred's men. They were about to kill Eldred when a few assasins loyal to him ambushed them and saved Eldred. Then Eldred led his men in a spearhead formation at the weakest spot, and pierced through, but took heavy losses.

Garard's men noticed Eldred's move, and copied it, meeting them in the middle of the orcs ranks. The orc leader's guards held them off, then the other orcs struck from behind. The men of wesnoth were trapped until Eldred yelled out the orcish word for 'now'. Then, his best men ran over to Garard, and with the help of the orcs (for their leader was being paid by Eldred) killed his bodyguard. Eldred himself attacked Garard and killed him in single combat, stabbing him in the back and beheading him.

B. What Garard's Army's Survivors Said

Cleoddry - "Eldred... How could he kill his farther, the King of Wesnoth. He didn't even fight fair! The men who supported him were just as evil, assisting in murder, treason and... I don't know what else to say other than that Eldred was given a present by me - a fireball on the bum!"

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