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Re: Wesnoth Reference

Post by The1exile »

I would think the easiest way to resolve this would just make Kalenz suffer some illness, if he doesn't already, after taking the potion in LoW. The resulting wastage could lower his physical ability (which he never fully regians) and the period of weakness and transition remove his ability to effectively command lower level units.
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Re: Wesnoth Reference

Post by Turuk »

melinath wrote:Demonstrated to who? i.e. are you saying that all elves can wield magic, but only the high lords are responsible enough to do so and everyone else has really good self control, or are you saying that there's some sort of council/being/whatever that grants the ability to use magic in battle to the lords? (Or are you saying something else altogether?)
It was already sort of touched on, but if they all have latent magical ability, only the high lords are taught how to bring out that ability to destructive potential.
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Re: Wesnoth Reference

Post by AI »

Crelanu wrote:Your physical strength will decrease, though in return you will be able to use magic more easily and powerfully. Cleodil will show you.
Does that answer your questions?

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Re: Wesnoth Reference

Post by Skrim »

Yes. Perfect. It's been a while since I played LoW, so I wouldn't remember the exact lines.

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