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Re: Descriptions

Post by Skrim » August 18th, 2009, 10:55 am

Hmm... I agree with Melinath, you should wait until the LCP is done.

Presently you're making up a few points. I don't think it says anywhere that Silver Magi are "dejected" and "grow tired of advanced study" - heck, they actually know more advanced magic than Arch Magi. So I suggest you hold on until whatever is known is collected, and then build upon that.

Human society is harder to define than the other races, I agree. It would have to be divided into the Wesnothians, the Clansmen, the Magi of Alduin, Dark Magic followers and Outlaws. If you really want to, you can also separate the Outlaws and the Woodsmen, since the Woodsmen/Poachers/Rangers,etc. aren't actually criminals, it's just that they live apart from the rest of society.

Adding the Elensians would be difficult, given Elensefar's checkered history, sometimes being part of Wesnoth, sometimes being independent. And if you include the Elensians, you would have to include the people of Dwarven Doors and the Northern Alliance, and by that point things just get too messy.

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Re: Descriptions

Post by thespaceinvader » August 18th, 2009, 12:28 pm

The Northern Alliance should definitely be included, as it is a major political power following its inception, and there are currently three campaigns which deal with it - NR, tHoT, and SotBE. |
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Re: Descriptions

Post by mabeenot » August 19th, 2009, 10:19 pm

I agree that Northern Alliance should definitely get a section. Since Elensefar has such an interesting relation to the rest of Wesnoth, I think it deserves a section. The settlers, woodsmen, and outlaws might be best described in a section near the top about the demographics or economy of Wesnoth. They aren't really a full blown faction or ideological group but are instead a part of everyday life in Wesnoth.

Dwarven Doors might be more at home in the Dwarf description. On an unrelated note, why isn't Dwarven Doors included on the main map of Wesnoth? Is it just omitted because it wasn't on the HttT map?
Skrim wrote:should wait until the LCP is done. Presently you're making up a few points.
I know I'm having to elaborate on some otherwise sketchy or unclear aspects and that the finished lore project may have some answers. This is just a rough draft to show and advocate that additional sections for the human description can and should be done. I can foresee that even after the lore project is done, some things like the number of years a typical mage studies at Alduin will have to be made up since no campaign is really clear on this.
Skrim wrote:don't think it says anywhere that Silver Magi are "dejected" and "grow tired of advanced study" - heck, they actually know more advanced magic than Arch Magi.
Silver magi revert back to an updated version of the lvl 1 mage's missile attack after being able to yield fire as a red mage, hence the reason I inferred that they become disenchanted with their place in the hierarchy at some point. The special ability to teleport seems to me like something a frequent traveler would spend time learning how to do, hence the reason I described them as wanderers. I agree that "dejected" might not be the best word. I thought growing tired of advanced study might help build up the academic qualifications needed to become an arch mage. Overall, I think silver magi are just more independent and out of the loop when it comes to the inner politics of the mage hierarchy. After all, silver magi can't climb any further up the ladder while other red magi can go up to arch mage and great mage.

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