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Re: Introductions

Post by The1exile »

A browser with spell checker would help you, but I gotta agree with Turuk - using "board" like that for a writing forum does not a good impression make.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Akkarin345 »

*sigh* Well I can spell, sometimes I spell words wrong when typing. I'll edit the first post to alter the spelling mistakes.
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Spam? [split from Introductions]

Post by Kirk »

I have a B.A. degree in Radio, TV, and Film; and of course, I love writing! I've written a couple of screen plays, one of which caught the interest of a well known producer. At first I felt honored, but after hearing what he wanted to do with it, I graciously declined. I just didn't want my kids to say, "Daddy made a movie, but he won't let us watch it."

Sometimes I kick myself-that $35,000 would've come in handy, many times; however, I still feel I did the right thing. How much money is integrity worth?

I have close friends that still roll their eyes every time they hear this story...
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Re: Introductions

Post by Temuchin Khan »

I do have writing abilities (I've written a book of my own - The Knight of Power). I can also pastiche archaic English. I would be willing to help improve the writing style of Wesnoth campaigns. Unfortunately, my time is rather limited at the moment, seeing as how I'm (a) newly married and (b) working two jobs (full time Master Control Operator and part time College Professor, go figure). Still, I thought I'd introduce myself in this thread, since there may yet come a day when my availability will increase.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Spi »

Well hello!
I may be french for those who surf on Music Contributions, but I've still got Cambridge Proficiency English as well as the GCSE to back me up here. I've done some writing here and there but one thing I've noticed is that I always write best when given a precise subject to write about, or precise instructions (write like this, about that) ... it may seem mechanical but the stuff's there.

I'd be glad (and honored) to write for Wesnoth. My grasp of archaic english comes from novels written by Dickens and if we want to go farther back I've got Shakespeare (Hamlet's unavoidable).

On the down side many people tell me I write too much so I've still got to learn to be super concise. I always prefer being honest here, so if someone asks for me they know what to expect. Of course if they limit the writing to such and such number of lines I can always make do with the space, and have always managed. If you ask for a page, you'll get a page. :)
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Re: Introductions

Post by ancestral »

I'm ancestral, a forum lurker for a while that's lately been trying to address bugs and really figure out how best to contribute to Wesnoth. (I'm still having a hard time figuring that out :( )

I have a very bad habit of getting involved with a lot of different projects or starting things that are way above my head. However, I like challenges and I like improving things that deserve improving, and taking on small, pesky things that eat under your skin that most people would soon rather ignore. You could say I'm something of a perfectionist.

I have a very good attention to detail. My father is a technical writer who writes documentation for a living and both my parents are avid Scrabble players, as am I (though it's been a while since I've participated in tournaments). I guess you can say I inherited a lot from my folks.

In any case, I'd like to help out any way I can. I've just gone through some of the mainline campaigns proposing some small changes to capitalization and some punctuation. I do have some aspirations to help with the wiki — somehow, with anything really — and editing anything at all that needs it. I'm also a little bit of an aspiring musician and a bit of an out-of-practice programmer and designer, so my tastes converge or diverge, depending on how you look at it.

Sometimes I may come off a little intense, which typically isn't the intention initially, though I suppose I can get easily passionate about small things. I'm striving to be much more cooperative and considerate and less emphatic when I'm voicing my opinion.

I'm just happy to be a part of the community, and hopefully I'll be able to make some kind of small contribution.

Thanks everyone.
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Re: Introductions

Post by melinath »

I suppose I ought to introduce myself, since I've been posting in this forum... I'm a creative writing major. Mostly I write poetry. Sometimes I write prose. I don't like the word whom. I don't really have any interest in writing anything for wesnoth right now, because I haven't found anything that particularly bothers me. This is partly because I run my computer in German, so I can't see the English versions of mainline things. But I do like proofreading short pieces of prose, like in the descriptions thread.
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Re: Introductions

Post by jhanlon »

I'm a totally non professional writer, but I wanted to contribute something to the game. My availability can't be counted on, although I'm trying to visit the forums regularly. I'd particularly like to work on insufficient unit descriptions. (My spelling isn't perfect, so feel free to correct me.)
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Re: Introductions

Post by MegaNaba »

My name is MegaNaba, and I write. Now I wish to write for the forums.

Do with me as you will.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Darker_Dreams »

It's been a bit since this thread was used, but it doesn't seem too rusty yet...

I've poked around Wesnoth for a while trying to learn various skills when I had lots of spare time, but these days my time is significantly more limited. I enjoy writing, and from time to time produce things people enjoy. People often tell me that I've got a unique style to my prose and poetry. I can, however, mimic other styles and forms if given a sample.

My time right now is pretty sharply limited. Hopefully the limitations I have been laboring under will loosen shortly. I do have a tendency to get sloppy in forum posts, ignoring proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling in the interest of expressing ideas before they have a chance to escape my attention. Something to do with the feeling of transient opportunity electronic communications generally possess. Even though forum posts will remain for a significant time after their creation, the moment in which an idea fits into the ongoing conversation is as fleeting as the time one has in which to make that reply before the flow of conversation turns.

Regardless, my favorite style is short prose, images and descriptions of a single moment done within a few paragraphs, which I've sometimes had described as vignettes. I am probably best at article-type entries, but on occasion I can link together a poem that has the tinge of something worthwhile. One of the first rules of writing is show, don't tell (something I need a lot of work at)- so here are some examples of my writing; the current (as of this post) description of the Saurians in the wiki is almost entirely my writing, with a few sentences kept from the previous draft, and this is a sample of what I mean by vignettes;

(These are for demonstration purposes, C&C is welcome, but should obviously be done elsewhere.)
something I wrote a while back;
Something I came up with this morning over breakfast and wired together quickly this morning (ie, only rough couple times through editing);
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Re: Introductions

Post by thespaceinvader »

Youo need to watch your tenses. They disagree in places. |
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Re: Introductions

Post by Darker_Dreams »

:augh: After you pointed that out I glanced back and immediately see an example of that. :oops: That's kinda embarrassing.
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Re: Introductions

Post by mm_ »

I'm mm, or Martin Thomson, and I would like to participate in the Wesnoth writer's community. My skills are creative writing and translating from German to English or from English to German, and I'm ready to help anybody with translations of his or her campaign in the languages named above, or do any unit/faction descriptions for any user-made eras. Send me a personal message if you're interested, I'd be happy to get some work done on that. I look forward to working together with you all.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Hushpuppy »

Hello, Hushpuppy here. I cn spel, I can spell chek, and its a great day for a story its something I really like to do I like to write and right and stuff. My muse and me.

I'm a computer guy (Linux SA mostly, but I like to program in Java too), not a writer at all and maybe not so humorous (...kinda hit and miss on that one). I do find that I use elipses a lot but I try to be spare.

I'm interested in writing fantasy stories. I like wargames and fantasy is my favorite fiction genre. And I notice that there's a dearth of stories about Wesnoth, the world. So I'll write some fan fiction as the opportunity presents itself. I find that I enjoy it greatly so why not? Take it or leave it, but I hope some find them enjoyable. Honestly, response to my first effort was underwhelming so that's probably a sign of something...

I don't have much time- only 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, during my commute. Other than that I'm working and playing with my daughter. If I pick up a Janny Wurts tome- well, there goes my writing time! :-)

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Now my daughter wants to play hide-and-seek, so with that I bid you adieu!
-the Pupp
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