Home of the Undead [1.14]

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Home of the Undead [1.14]

Post by Anagkai » January 3rd, 2019, 9:11 pm

This campaign is finished and playtested. Although it was tested quite thoroughly, there might still be bugs or things that need balancing. I'm grateful for any feedback, if it is about the whole campaign or any specific scenario.

Here are some suggestions, what to consider for the feedback but feel free to tell me anything you think is important.

1) General information
1.1) What difficulty was the campaign played on and what scenarios are discussed in the feedback?

2) Storyline / Objectives / Flavor
2.1) Were the scenario objectives comprehensible?
2.2) Were the story / dialogues comprehensible and logical?
2.3) How interesting were the story / dialogues?
2.4) Did certain dialogues seem very short or long?
2.5) Did any parts of any map seem bad flavorwise?
2.6) [For native speakers] Did you notice anything in the story / dialogues that seemed wrong or strange concerning the grammar / syntax / vocabulary...?

3) Difficulty
3.1) Did any scenario seem too easy / hard with respect to the amount of GOLD available?
3.2) Did any scenario seem too easy / hard with respect to the amount of TIME available?
3.2) Did any scenario seem too easy / hard with respect to anything else (such as terrain, units...)?

4) Achievements
*A number of achievements can be obtained. Every achievement obtained triggers a message and there is a summary at the end of the campaign.* If any achievements were obtained:
4.1) Did the achievements seem interesting (with respect to both flavor and game mechanics)?
4.2) How difficult did the achievements seem to be to obtain?

5) Custom units
*There are three advancements (each including level 2 and level 3) for Soulless.* If any of these units were obtained (please not which one):
5.1) Did the unit seem balanced with respect to hitpoints, damage, abilities?
5.2) How did you like the graphics and general style of the unit?
5.3) Did the unit seem useful?

6) Bug reports
6.1) Did anything seem to malfunction? Did anything happen or not happen that seemed strange or unintended?
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