Struggle For Freedom

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Struggle For Freedom

Postby rogul » July 6th, 2016, 8:13 am

1. What version of Battle for Wesnoth did you play this campaign on?
2. What difficulty level did you select to play the campaign on? (easy/normal/hard)
3. How difficult did you find the campaign? (1-10)
4. How clear did you find the objectives in the campaign/any particular scenario? (1-10)
5. What were your major challenges in meeting the objectives of the scenario/campaign?
6. How clear did you find the scenario/campaign prose (dialog, story text, etc.)? (1-10)
7. How fun do you think the scenario/campaign is? (No rating scale.)
8. What (if any) changes should be made to make the gameplay more fun?
9. What (if any) changes should be made to make the story more interesting?
10. Any gameplay bugs or prose mistakes (grammar, spelling, punctuation) in the scenario/campaign?
11. Any additional comments, suggestions, or questions?

If reviewing a specific scenario, please specify which.
Struggle For Freedom (WYRMY)
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Re: Struggle For Freedom

Postby Samonella » February 3rd, 2017, 2:29 am

Hey, I played a most of this campaign, and really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I'm stuck in Realm of Knightmare... even after looking through the events, I don't know what to do next.
Here are my thoughts on what I've played so far:

1. BfW 1.12.6
2. normal
3. 8-ish I guess. Seemed right for "normal" difficulty, anyway
4. All very clear, except Realm of Knightmare of course
5. There were a few unpleasant surprises, but I'll mention them below
6. Very clear, generally well written
7. Pretty fun, it's a good campaign
8. See below
9. Sometimes it seems like people's motivations don't get explained. Why is Aloune so quick to leave her home and join your team? Xavien also doesn't explain himself much, he just mentions that he owes you and will "join you," which just sounds plastic and unrealistic.
10 The only thing that stuck out to me was verb-tense in the stories. If it's a journal, does that mean the heroes were writing them as the story happens, or did they record everything afterwards? It seems to float back and forth between past-tense and present-tense.
11 First, I love the yellow team color. Second, I love the way changes in music punctuate unexpected events, like running into a new enemy in "Across the Dark Hills." I wish that there was more than one song at a time though; hearing the same one over loop two or three times before some event triggers a new one gets old.
Also, some of the custom units seem too strong. The Elvish Horse Archer is the worst; with a 7-5 marksman bow, he's as powerful as an Elvish Marksman, plus far more HP and a much better melee attack. That alone would make him really tough, but he's barely slower than an Elvish Rider, and is a skirmisher too?? If you ask me, there's a serious nerf needed.
On the same note, I'm not sure why the mercenaries couldn't just use the normal bandit units; the new ones are much stronger, but cost the same. Also, some of the animations seem to be missing sound effects.

About individual scenarios (spoilers):

Really enjoyed what I played so far, so great job to you and wyrmy!
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