The Rising Underworld

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Re: The Rising Underworld

Post by white_haired_uncle »

A thread for posting replays of The Rising Underworld has been created in the UMC Replay Forum

EDIT: Possible problem attached, will be seen after dialog on first turn. Note that I absolutely hate scenarios like the previous one and cheated to make it go away.
tRU-Out of the North.gz
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Re: The Rising Underworld

Post by denispir »

Could not find a thread for tRU in the "scenario & campaign dev" forum, so I'm posting here.

In scenario 7 Out of the North, I get the following WML error:
[unstore_unit]: variable all_possible doesn't exist
I've had a look and found the var used (with $) but not set; it's in the event near line 300 where mermen should go & help "ss-speaking" nagass. The net result by me is that a single, L2 healer merman appears in the see, and the merman leader/king remains with other, heroes, so he'll never get there on time (I was surprised that swamp is a slow terrain for him, the path finder makes him cross the hills/mountains). Dunno if this is what is meant (code comments may tell us the purpose of your code! ;-)

Thank you for the game, pretty good. Since there are no diff levels (by me), would you tell us what the difficulty is supposed to be?

PS: I replayed n times scenario 8 in the Great Ocean, before abandoning: such vulnerable units without any melee, and only 2 supporting fighters, did not manage to keep all alive even before affronting the main army that appears when reaching the "corridor" toward the ennemy keep. Impossible for me, especially because the combination of flat, uniform terrain and semi-random drift condemn any attempt at tactic. Plus, no healer and few villages. Then, I realised I can recruit/recall at start !... ;-)
I take the opportunity to ask why we can recruit L2 nagas and only L1 mermen. And since we have L2 nagas (why?) to recruit, and we can buy new L1s, why the hell do we have L1s in recall list with 0 XP?
Finally, the AI behaved weirdly in last scenario (#7 commented above): when my main forces reached the ennemy camp, my naga allies simply stopped attacking and remained around their castle, even while their leader still recruited. Too bad, also a loss of potential XP, and this may be the reason why I have only 0 XP nagas to recuit in the ocean (also very strangely 2 L2 with 0 XP).

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