Invasion from the Unknown (2.0+ version)

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Invasion from the Unknown (2.0+ version)

Post by shadowm » November 30th, 2015, 11:55 pm

If you want to provide feedback on Invasion from the Unknown, you have two options: either post in the development topic (where you might find spoilers), or post here (where you might also find spoilers). You may either copy and answer the questionnaire provided in the template below, come up with your own feedback structure, or hand me your thoughts in a more free-form fashion.

If you need to report bugs or ask more general questions, please use the development topic.

By posting your feedback, you acknowledge that I am in no way required to implement every suggested change. In particular, anything that would alter the story is off-limits.

You don’t know what this is about? You don’t know what the latest version of the campaign is or whether your version of Wesnoth is still supported? You don’t know what difficulty/version of the game/campaign you are playing on?
  • The game version can be found in the lower left corner of the title screen.
  • The campaign version can be found in the campaign’s description in the Campaigns menu.
  • The difficulty level is displayed among other information when selecting a saved game in the Load Game dialog.
The nomenclature for scenarios of this campaign (which I use in my own posts) is Sx (scenario x) and Ex. This may be used as a convenient shorthand in lieu of the complete scenario name. Most scenarios throughout the campaign include this shorthand along with the standard scenario name during story screen sections.

Without further ado, the feedback questionnaire template:
If reviewing a specific scenario, please specify which.

(1) What difficulty levels and game and campaign versions have you played the scenario or campaign on?

(2) How difficult did you find the scenario/campaign? (1-10)

(3) How clear did you find the scenario/campaign objectives? (1-10)

(4) What were your major challenges in meeting the objectives of the scenario/campaign?

(5) How clear did you find the scenario/campaign prose (dialog, story text, etc.)? (1-10)

(6) How fun do you think the scenario/campaign is? (No rating scale.)

(7) Any gameplay bugs or prose mistakes (grammar, spelling, punctuation) in the scenario/campaign?

(8) If you have played this campaign before, how many times and what Wesnoth and campaign versions?

(9) Any additional comments, suggestions, or questions?
And here is an optional little survey that’s not about your experience with this campaign in particular:
(A) Where/how did you first hear about this campaign? (Add-ons server listing, forum thread index, hearsay, etc.)

(B) What other (Wesnoth) single-player campaigns (mainline or add-ons) have you played before this?

(C) For how long have you played Wesnoth?

(D) When playing a Wesnoth campaign or any other kind of game allowing for it, how important are the story and characters for you?

(E) What other kinds of games (specify genre) have you played?
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