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Sweet Revenge

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Please state the campaign version you played in your post. If you find any technical difficulties, please take them to the main discussion thread for the campaign, listed below under Related Links.

(1) What difficulty levels and game (& campaign) versions have you played the scenario/campaign on?
If reviewing a specific scenario, please specify.

(2) How difficult did you find the scenario/campaign? (1-10)

(3) How clear did you find the scenario/campaign objectives?

(4) How clear and interesting did you find the dialog and storyline?

(5) What were your major challenges in meeting the objectives of the scenario/campaign?

(6) How fun do you think the campaign is? (1-10)

(7) What, if any, are changes you would have made to the campaign to make it more fun?

(8) Any grammatical mistakes in dialogue/story text?

If you have played this campaign and find the writing, portraits, sprites or other artwork lacking, note that this is a user-made campaign and thus custom work is limited to the skill of the author and volunteers. If you are interested in making artwork for this campaign, please PM me with the details.

Related links:

Discussion threads: (bug reports, random thoughts, code or text revisions and other stuff should go there)

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