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Re: Gali's Contract

Post by octalot » December 9th, 2017, 4:55 pm

The link to the "Orbivm forums" in the first post of the thread is now broken, as the domain is now a Sedo Parking domain.

(1) What difficulty levels and game (& campaign) versions have you played the scenario/campaign on?
Wesnoth 1.13.10, GC 0.4.2, medium

This is the first time that I've played with the Imperial Era, so I was surprised by some of the units (for example furies), and I didn't realise how useful the runesmiths' "max hp" rune was until the third scenario.

(2) How difficult did you find the scenario/campaign? Which, if any, parts posed problems that felt like they should not, and which, if any, seemed unintentionally easy? Were the scenario objectives ever unclear?

In Our Friends in the North, I needed the of knowledge how the map changes (particularly with the reinforcements), and several times had to reload a previous turn. I'd sent troops out of the northern exit of the lodestone room fighting, and was capturing Volur in the northern part of the map, which resulted in me getting swamped by Lokka.

Easily-implementable suggestions for Our Friends in the North:
* unshroud most of the map, which could be justified by Gali and Trondar having visited Alfheim before
* give a suggestion of where in the map the reinforcements might appear (with the map unshrouded, put side 3's castle on from the start, and have Gali or Trondar comment that it's where Lokka assembles his war party when going in to the deeper caverns)
* instead of jumping the turn limit to 24 when Trondar teleports, increase it to 12 or 13 as a hint to the player that side 2 needs to be dead by then, and then increase it to 24 when the reinforcements come (even if Volur is still fighting)
* skip the scroll_to for normal troops going through the lodestone, as the player has to scroll back to move the next reinforcement

In Drown It In The Deepest Ocean, I assumed that I had to have dwarves waiting in the east, between the sword-carrier and the sea. So I took Gali north of the fields without triggering the elves (which took some save-loads), and then restarted the scenario assuming that the idea is to use the elves' keep. I assume there's a bug here, in this scenario you can happily recruit and grab the villages around the keep without annoying the elves, so I recruited two full castles of dwarves there before attacking :lol: .

(3) How clear and interesting did you find the dialog and storyline? If you have suggestions for rephrasing of certain parts of the dialog that seemed awkward or were grammatically incorrect, post them.

A spelling error throughout the campaign - English has only one 'n' at the end of "man", "men" and "woman".
Currently updating the SurvivalXtreme Collection, and the SXC Pressure scenario. That's about a mermish necromancer, who's just found out that her Tentacles Of The Deep have been nerfed.

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