Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

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Re: Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

Post by tr0ll »

ayearhasgone wrote:Another tactic that has helped me quite a bit is the use of fodder. It all depends on your income and current situation, but if you can afford it, fodder can control the flow of battle. Using weak troops to ZOC the enemy while your main force swings around the rear and attacks is a tactic that can work well. You can also use fodder to fence off favorable terrain and villages. Sending units on suicide missions behind enemy lines is useful for distracting the enemy.
While this is true, every unit i lose feels like a hot needle in my side. So i try to send units in pairs or triplets for that kind of work and often they escape (barely) alive.

Non-aligned AI-controlled units are also good as ZOC and fodder, if you can sort of predict where they will go. In particular they tend to attack the weakest injured unit around if it wont kill them.
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Re: Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

Post by HomerJ »

You have not been playing BfW long enough when...
tr0ll wrote:... every unit i lose feels like a hot needle in my side.

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Re: Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

Post by Maiklas3000 »

krotop wrote:
kiraice wrote:If I didn't read this wrong, it said two facts beforehand:

1. hit chance 40%
2. hit twice
It rather said "defense 40%" which is then 60% chance to hit.
Right, so switch hit and miss in the post with the calculations, and you get this:

1. Both attacks miss will be 16% chance.
2. One hit and one miss will be 48% chance.
3. Both attacks hit will be 36% chance.
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Re: Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

Post by Xelthor »

Awesome compendium of rules; but I would like to add that attacking a unit with a weapon it is resistant to is useful if you want another unit to kill the unit being attacked, hence levelling up the killing unit who was too weak to kill the defending unit alone. Not necessarily a panacea strategy though. :lol2:
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Re: Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

Post by Silty »

Sadly, it took me years to realize this, but I'll try to explain to the extent of my limited ability, and someone else who is actually good at the game might be able to explain better. When facing a given unit, completely different units will be effective at attacking it, compared to defending against it.

For example: When defending, you want to match melee against melee, and ranged against ranged. On the other hand, when attacking, you want to hit with opposites: pit melee against ranged, and ranged against melee.

A drake thrasher will crush a skeleton when attacking, but sit there and take its arrows helplessly when defending. Likewise, the skeleton archer can shoot it with glee, but get smashed if the thrasher has a chance to counterattack during its turn.

It is probably smart to take defending into account, even when attacking, unless you are sure you will destroy the unit. Otherwise you will die on the opponent's turn. The opposite is not as important - if you have one skeleton warrior who is defending against another during the day, you both simply won't take much damage.

Eitherway, the common sense TL;DR of the day is: keep the differences between attacking and defending in mind, because they can lead to vast differences in effectiveness!
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Re: Common Sense Compendium: Now with more General Advice

Post by Huumy »

I found this great piece of advice that applies to almost every game and wanted to share it. I'm not 100% sure if it belongs in this thread but didn't want to create a new one.

Any1 who watches any starcraft 2 knows Day[9]. His Daily is a great way to learn about starcraft and sometimes it's about more than starcraft. Most of the time he's also hilarious :)

So here's one great episode. The episode is about assumptions in games. I just finished this part 1 ... but so far it's been great episode which I feel applies a lot to wesnoth too.

The perspective is from competitive gamer but it's got some good general things that you can apply even if you're not THAT competitive. Because I think it gives you some tools to think outside the box! :)

Edit: I just finished watching the part 4. I think the episode had ton of stuff how to think outside the box and how to apply it to games in general. Tho I feel it had too many different topics to really understand them all. But maybe there's something to apply to wesnoth too, like answering the right question. But still I don't know if this was related to the topic :)
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