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Post by CuddleFish »

I need serious help with
SCENARIO SIX: The Siege of Elensefar
(aka mission impossible)

I've tried to beat it a couple of times, and each time i win in the end
but..... i lose at least 2 of my high level units to the enemy :(
i've tried every strategy i can think of, and non of them seemed to work

Strategy 1: Elite Beachhead (FAILED)
-send high level units to establish a "beachhead" before the orcs make it to the gates
-the orcs retreat at the sight of a powerful army, but then they throw everything they have at it after sundown, and i suffer two elite casualties

Strategy 2: Bum Rush (FAILED)
-build 2 full waves of elf fighters to rush the gates (12)
-send elite units and healers in right after the 12 kamikazi fighters
-orcs waste their attacks on level 1 fodder, and get killed eventually
-too bad this takes too long, and the skeletons reinforce the keep, while the cowardly orc leader runs away

Strategy 3: Horsemen Rush (FAILED)
-build 2 waves of new horsemen, and charge right into the city
-before the orcs have time to react, and before the thieves make their offer, 2 villages in the city are already overrun
-orcs retreat cowardly into their keep, forming a circle around their cowardly leader
-sundown, thieves make offer, orcs send their entire army slamming into the horsemen
-the horsemen "charges" the orc ranks, but the orcs somehow came out unscratched, despite multiple attacks from horsemen
(WTF!! :evil: i think its just bad luck... :x )
-orcs attack again, horsemen get slaughtered, survivors run away, evil skeletons come into town etc...

would someone tell me a strat that works? pleez!
I have:
-2 elf sorcs, 2 knights, 1 captain, and 2 avengers
-A huge mob of thugs, footpads, and poachers that are almost levelled
-my loyal whitemage from the previous mission went missing for some reason
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Post by Tmoiy »

The white mage left because you have to defeat both enemy leaders within the time limit to keep him.

I think what you need the most are healers. Level your shamans to Druids instead of Sorceresses, and then it will be much easier to survive on the island.

I went for the elite route myself. I kept a bunch of tough level 2 or 3 units in the front around the southern castle, with Konrad, a marshal, and 2 healers in the second rank. I staved off their initial attack at dusk and manage to decimate their army with thieves at night. I managed to kill the orcish leader by the next day, losing two of my thieves and a fighter. I leveled a Knight to Paladin by killing the leader.

I'm not sure if this will work with your units, though.
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Post by JW »

How are you getting thugs, footpads, and poachers in HttT?

Also, you don't have nearly enough levelled units imho. Get some marksmen.
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Post by scott »

A common new player mistake is a lack of patience. I think if you waited another day-night cycle you would do a lot better. The AI loves to wade into the water to pick off weak units you place on the bank.
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Post by Tux2B »

Attack during day, defend during night. Use the merman who has electric shots, and attack with a couple of horsemen on the left of the map, when the thiefs will show you a way.
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Post by Emmanovi »

JW wrote:How are you getting thugs, footpads, and poachers in HttT?
Er... The Isle of the Damned... You recruit "thugs, footpads, and poachers" as well as mermen...
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Post by CuddleFish »

Thx guys!

This time i went to muff maal instead of island of the damned... and i got a lot of EXP shredding walking corpses, and i sent mermen in the first wave to distract/weaken the orcs, 2 out of 6 mermen survived, and levelled up to warriors
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Post by Dave »

Maybe you could lure them into the water, since the AI is really weak with that -- see http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8773

Oh....wait a minute... :wink:
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Post by Yogibear »

Some strategies for SoE can be found here:

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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

How much gold do you have, and what difficulty level are you on?

Last time I played the scenario, I built three waves of units: The elites, then some grunts (elf fighters, or thugs, or whatever), then Horsemen. I just rushed into the city in the Afternoon, kept the Orcs off balance by dropping the Thieves in the following turn, and when Night came, protected my valuable elites with the horsemen. I lost an Elvish Hero, but gained a lot of advancements.

P.S.: Have you read this?
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Post by steelfist »

i won that level quite fine (dunno if i did lose anybody) while playing on easy (i'm a newbie, and what do you expect?)

you line up your units (i use mainly elves and healers) and i make them enter the bank, but I made sure that the orcs have to enter the water in order to attack my units. i also have units right on the bridge and right next to the units in the bank.

try to make sure that your units are either on ground, or in the water and having the orcs forced to enter it. it sucks to be in the water and be attacked by orcs on land.

i can't emphasize patience. after meeting the theives, and when i was ready to attack, i sent a scout out and activated the theives, and all my units advanced. my army held the coast, and the grassland hex right adjacent to the sand/shore, and behind them i moved in healers and other units behind. i sacrificed and used some theives as distraction and by doing that my army can enter the island more safely.

if a unit is hurt, or in risk of dying, move it back for healing and have another unit to take his/her place. if the orcs attack, try to kill them slowley with ranged attacks on the melee only units, and etc.

my biggest mistake was using elves against the undead. i practically used the same army that defeated the orcs to defeat the undead. i didn't know that the undead are resistant to kinetic attacks, and that holy and magic rocks here, and etc. i basically treated undead like orcs. :oops: please don't make that mistake!

here's my replay. it's a replay of the first time i played this mission "the seige of ?????" and at that time it's my first day of actually playing this game, so don't make fun of me.

i tried to play that replay, and found out that it's currupted. what do i do? is it the file that's currupted, or the program that is bugged?
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