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linuxuser wrote:Bringing leader to the green gras on left side did not work for me :-S
I see you brought your leader to the wrong side, that is right, not left. I brought it to the gate to the grass on the left, when he reached it it is complete. I suppose there should be some indicator that this is the wrong grass.

Regarding the war troll on the left, I couldn't pass it, and only was able to capture some of the cities, but then the war troll started moving towards my prisoners who had escaped. Eventually the escapees even killed the Troll leader and moved to towards another level3 troll, but by then my hero had reached the green grass.

It wasn't exactly easy to make the prisoners escape, but the tricky part doesn't take up many turns.

Right now I'm kind of fed up with the swamps, it seems I have to reload every turn just to avoid waking up the undead
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Ah yes, and as far as i am concerned, it wasn't that hard.
It would be nice to have 1 city in the prison, just to cure poison
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Thanks i finally did it :D
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Thankfully for that level i was given a white mage......
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