Muff Malal or Isle of the Damned?

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Muff Malal or Isle of the Damned?

Post by hooligan_c1 »

Which one should I do?? I know Muff Malal is easier but the Isle has the white mage.
help me.
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Post by unsung »

muluf maal
is a great place to level your troops up. my men came out of that place very poweful and I had A LOT of gold.
the isle of the dammed gave me a mage and a headache.
Oh no look out its a ray gun.
You should move to avoid the rays
the rays are coming out of the gun
if you are hit by the rays
you will be shot by the rays
the rays are fast so you should be fast to
can you win against the fast rays from the gun?
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Post by RoddyVR »

i like the white mage guy. but i cant finish both litches on the island without save/loading, which makes me feel like i cheated and then i start hte campaign over.

i need to learn a strategy that works on that damned island.
i think next time i start from mission 1 i'll try to get konrad to be level 3 by the time i get to the island.
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Post by Tux2B »

Trouble is with Isle of Damned is that you can't recall the units you recruit there (and that is most of all annoying with the white mage!)
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Post by Pythagoras »

Def Muff Malal. Isle of the Damned is an interesting challenge though. I've never been able to beat it, but gotten close. Lots depends on whether you get the white mage or the revenants from the temples on IotD. Its hard to get a lot of troops over there to deal with the chance of revenants while defending your mainline.
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Post by scott »

I quit going to the isle after I realized that I didn't need the white mage. When you have plenty of your own already, it's not worth the hassle. Muff Malal is so much fun to slaughter.

It's just that your low gold dictates pretty much how many units you're getting, and losses really hurt in this one.
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Post by RoddyVR »

Tux2B wrote:Trouble is with Isle of Damned is that you can't recall the units you recruit there (and that is most of all annoying with the white mage!)
as i see it, the whole point of the isle is to give you the thug/poacher units that are great for fighting undead (impact damage). so recruiting your old units (elves?) would be prety contrary to that goal.
besides i think most of the units you have by that point would realy suck on that map. except maybe the merman with the trident, that one should be one of the mermen that "saves" you from the sea.
and if you can kill both of the liches then you get to recall the loyal white mage too. and if he survives the isle then that means he's killed a lot of stuff on there (cause he's by far your best damage dealer there) so he'll be prety close to leveling to level 3.

i just wish i could do that without cheating. lol.
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Post by scott »

I think it has gotten harder, because I used to be able to win it. It could have to do with the ghosts getting better resistances. The outlaws really don't have a good attack for ghosts, and I usually have Moremiru up fighting his way to the upper Lich, not holding off ghosts.
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Post by torangan »

Isle of the Damned could really do well with a turn or two more. Stopping the ghosts is done best by Mermans because they take little damage and have high defense. I still consider it the better choice though, even if you don't manage to kill both Liches, Moremiru will come back later to help you at a point where help is very welcome.
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Post by dark_whitecleou625 »

:lol: I tried the two....And i killed 1 lich in the Isle....but because of that stupid turns!!!!
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Post by emile_le_reveil »

I started the campaign new(without save/load)
and made this time the isle. I had no problem at all after getting this
Nimraduma... ahh you know who I mean... :D
I just saved him out of there and defeatet most enemyunits in the middle
of the isle. His wonderful healing ability saved a lot of my mens life so
after some rounds I had clearly controle: the blue had 2 units more I think
and the green had some 4(?)archers and a little horde of walking corpse so
i splittet my party in 2: Nisadina... the white mage and a little group took the north, and the rest (3outlaws after a while) went to south,

Important is SEA-CONTROLE. I had the 2 mermans from the beginning
and another one. But more can even help to fight the lichs easier.
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Post by Xanous »

Isle of the Damned, even if you just survive you also get a very useful loyal bandit which comes in handy.

I haven't figured out how to beat the two enemies yet, but a white mage with a holy sword would be -very- nice to have in the rest of the campaign.
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Post by ott »

Isle of the Damned isn't all that hard, if you stay in control of the sea, use a single merman to distract the undead in the corner, and use thugs against skeletons. You will need to sacrifice a lot of footpads to slow down the ghosts, though. The key here is to build up an income base, and then to keep recruiting as long as you can, only moving Konrad out just in time to help with the onslaught against the leader across the mountains.

EDIT: this is approximately what I had in mind; this particular savegame was played on Hard and I ran out of turns before I could kill the northern Lich. I should have taken two to three fewer units with Moremirmu to the south and instead taken a bit longer to kill that lich (with Moremirmu actually contributing), and also probably started moving with Konrad a move or two earlier. However, also note that this savegame has Konrad as a level 1 unit (since I just skipped the earlier scenarios with :n to get the Bay of Pearls scenario up). This isn't realistic: you are most likely going to have at least a level 2 Konrad by this stage, and Konrad's leadership bonus is then very useful.

The major features here are: being aggressive with your mermen, creating a zone of control with footpads and some thugs to contain the ghosts and bats, and using Moremirmu to heal the scattered survivors of the battle against the ghosts and bats on the long trek south. In this game the AI hired a few more bats than I have seen in the past, so I hired a few more poachers than I have usually hired.

Note that the AI is very aggressive, and the enemy leaders will leave their keeps if you give them a good enough reason to do so -- lure them out with a weak unit.
Isle of the Damned replay on Hard
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Post by drachefly »

I found that if I ignored the island towns, I could get one merman down fast enough to distract almost ALL of the ghosts. This let the footpads and thugs wipe out the skeletons nearly without losses, by staying in the trees while forcing the skeletons to engage on the grass.

Meanwhile Moremirmu, Urlaf, one footpad and one merman were wiping out the northern nest.

A second merman sent to the south distracted the ghosts from their initial prey a little, allowing the now very-much-hurting merman to get into a town. The only question remaining was the race to get Konrad and the forces south fast enough to kill the second lich before time ran out.

The sand always slowed me up so much I couldn't quite pull it off without some serious luck (however, I did not save-load during the body of the game, and I did come very close several times using this exact strategy, with several mixes of attributes among my recruits).
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Post by (S)elfish weirdo »

bleh, I've finished that map without losses, on medium: I let konrad and alot of poachers (the map is covered in forest and the skeletons take alot of time to reach you, so you'll be facing bats and ghosts first) travel south to disrupt the southern force (as well as a few mermen close to the coast), while my outlaw went and got the white mage (loading the scenario start if I got revenants in the first try, since it was impossible to finish in time then)
A few mermen were sent to disract skeletons of the northern lich, and to deal 6 damage to the lich before my white mage moved in for the kill, now the mermen kept missing, and night was falling, if i had waited another day I wouldn't have enough time, so I gambled and attacked the lich while it had full life, I got lucky and it died, but if i was to replay the map, I'd try the mermen 6 damage tactic again, it worked neatly the times it worked (albeit I later died to bad luck in those times), remember: the skellies only dare attack the white mage during night, and the archers aren't nearly as dangerous as the normal skellies, go for the normal skellies and try not to be in reach of normal skellies with your white mage (but keep slaughtering skellies the whole first night when you have the white mage, and the next following morning and dawn) when night falls, they are the only ones that will hurt you seriously (besides the liches themselfs) after killing the first lich, even during day your white mage is most likely seriously wounded, so zoc it in from the enemy, with a small bit of luck and a high level konrad, the poachers and konrad has probably dealt with the ghosts and bats by now, start traveling south with the white mage and crush, and only enter villages on the road, unless you want some heavy problems, get your white mage there before the final night falls, (turn 22 i think) , use your konrad l3 leadership, and hurt the lich to 48 (or less hp) this should give you 24-4 magical damage and an almost certain victory against the lich, anyway, here is my replay:
The Isle of the damned (medium) without losses (I'm superior to the lossless villager :P well, not really, but I could be if it wasn't for the colour green, curse you green!)
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