Muff Malal or Isle of the Damned?

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Playing this scenario nets you a fair amount of early finish bonus at least 1 experienced mermaid (not too useful), and a few chaotic units which are good against the skeletons and good in caves. I think the other scenario probably is a better choice because of the xp you can get for your main army there, not the gold. With good strategy good gold can be got out of both (at least on medium).

The two starting mermaids go immediately north and south to distract the enemy ghosts. Expect to loose the one heading south. Urlaf head to the village just north of the northmost temple If you feel lucky the next turn Urlaf can visit the northmost temple. If you prefer to play it a bit safer he can go one step away from the temple. This gives you a second chance if Moremirmu isn’t in the northmost temple because you can visit two temples in one turn. In the reply I played it safe but ended up lucky. Though I think I would have won even if I had found the revenant in the 1st temple as I won on turn 16 leaving plenty of extra time. Moremirmu goes south with Urlaf and any footpads that can make it over there I recruited one on the first turn for this purpose. An army of mermaids goes north and waits just far enough away from the castle as not to be noticed. More mermaids go south to attack the ghosts and bats which are killing your first southern bound mermaid. These mermaids will then beeline for the southern leader to assist just before Moremirmu executes him. As long as Moremirmu attacks in daylight and has a little help first he should almost kill the enemy leader.

Once staged the northern mermaid army start moving on the second watch so that they can be in the castle by dawn getting a few attacks in and have two full turns in daylight to kill the leader. Mermaids work well because they are resistant to cold (leader ranged attack) and have good melee attacks in daylight. As far as I can tell this is the best strategy I’ve come across. Unless, maybe you have Konrad up to level 3… I never have though too dangerous, too many reloads. Best defined as; the most consistent way to kill both leaders while keeping Moremirmu alive.
Version 1.01
Difficulty: Medium
Konrad level 1
Win: turn 16
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Tux2B wrote:Trouble is with Isle of Damned is that you can't recall the units you recruit there (and that is most of all annoying with the white mage!)
In the recent versions you can. (Also, contrary to what some of the other posts seem to suggest, you merely have to survive until time runs out in order to "win".)

I like it because it lets me build up a force of footpads that are very useful in later scenarios. I usually start by recruiting mermen until I have 4-6, send two around counterclockwise to distract the skeletons and the rest clockwise to grab cities and then distract the skeletons on the other island. Down there you can grab the towns for the gold, and run away when threatened. Sometimes they are foolish enough to chase you out in the water, where you can make short work of them.

I leave Konrad in the keep for the first half of the game to produce a steady stream of recruits. A few poachers at first to deal with the bats, then mostly footpads and maybe a few thugs. When the bats and ghosts are gone I push southwestward to knock off any skeletons as they straggle in, and build up my force for the temple battles. Then I move north for a big battle, though I rarely have time to go south after the second leader.

The scenario yields several footpads with good attributes and almost a level's worth of experience. These are some of my favorite support units because they're chaotic, they have excellent terrain resistances, they have both melee and missile attacks, and they have blunt weapons for use against all the undead you encouter throughout the campaign.
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Unfortunately, you only get Moremiru (the White Mage) if you kill both liches....
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Post by scott »

In SVN you get to keep your mermen from earlier scenarios (which means you have a trident). If anyone wants the config file to overwrite the 1.0 version, PM me.
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I say Muff Malal. It is much easier and levels up your units so well. I tried Isle and it didn't go over too well. At the end I just had Konrad and he was being attack by a bunch of undead unnits. The only way i survived was by loading my Auto-saves over and over again until I got lucky.. :P
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I followed Tearfang's strategy
and finished medium difficulty of Island of the Damned at 22 step. :)
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start by reading here
or here

or anywhere else when you search for it.
You do search, right? (I feel I've posted in things like this far to much)
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