Wesnoth is the best tactical game

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Wesnoth is the best tactical game

Post by xxxtentacion » August 3rd, 2019, 1:45 pm

I have an idea, and I want you to give me *feedback* on it: Wesnoth is the best tactical/operational game out there.

I have played multiple games of several classes. HoI, total war, imperium, operational art of war, ... But I think this game is the one that represents the best the true nature of war.

This game is the one that makes you feel you are playing a real war because factors actually matter.
Day or night, terrain, movement points, field of view, zone of control, damage type and the most important one: random generated numbers.

This game is not always about attacking or defending, sometimes you have to choose letting a hurt enemy scape so you take his village. Other times you will choose to retreat so you can heal or use that unit to continue fighting the main bulk of enemy army.

That's why this game is so similar to real life. Ww2 was not like Risk, it was something like this game. Generals had to choose between taking enemy city, destroying enemy army or continuing advance. All combined with the fact you could be unlucky, like in Wesnoth.

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