THoT Forbidden Forest

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THoT Forbidden Forest

Post by josteph » July 9th, 2018, 1:30 pm

I didn't find any previous thread on this.

What's a good strategy for the THoT scenario Forbidden Forest that doesn't rely on knowing in advance what the AI is going to recruit?
As I see it, I'm fighting elves on their territory, so they have 60%/70% terrain defense, marksman and magical attacks, and they start with x1.5 to x3 times more gold than me (I can see that in the scenario statistics in-game). I don't see what advantages I have that I can leverage to win.

There are a few lines of forest hills but there doesn't seem to be any good place to form a line on to soak the first wave of the southwest leader.

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Re: THoT Forbidden Forest

Post by otzenpunk » July 14th, 2018, 2:48 pm

josteph wrote:
July 9th, 2018, 1:30 pm
What's a good strategy for the THoT scenario Forbidden Forest that doesn't rely on knowing in advance what the AI is going to recruit?
Well, you didn't mention on what difficulty you're playing. I played this campaign on medium a while ago, so take it with a grain of salt, if you're on hard.

That woses fight on the side of elves is at least not totally unheard of, especially on a pure forest map, so I guess one could at least expect to meet some, even if you can't see them. Besides, mages are not only good against woses, but also against the 70% defense of the elves in the forest, so it makes totally sense to recall a couple of them. What you definitely need are at least two white mages, which can heal each other without having to waste time in a village somewhere. Together with Ratheln and Angarthing that's quite a good amount of magical firepower. And then you need a couple of high-level meatshields from the fighter and/or guardsmen line to protect your mages, at least five or so. And of course you need your gryphon, mainly to get a better view through the fog. If you've still got money left, you may spend it on addiional mages or pathfinders, whatever. You'll quickly run negative on gold anyway, so there's no need to keep anything in the bank.

The southwestern sorceress's army is pretty weak, so instead of forming a defense line you should simply rush forward as fast as possible and finish her off before the woses and the other elves even reach you. Use Angarthing's slow ability to limit the retaliation damage your mages take. 70% defense doesn't mean the elves are invulnerable, by the way. It just means you have to hit them more often, but a lvl1 elvish scouts is still no decent matchup for a dwarven lord, even in the forest. After eliminating the sorceress, you just form your army into a mob with your healers in the centre and move it along the roads right through the centre of the map. The enemies rarely come with more than two or three units at a time and you don't have to beat the other leaders, and probably wouldn't have enough time anyway.

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