What do with "friend" of undead on "the south guard"?

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What do with "friend" of undead on "the south guard"?

Post by holypaladin » March 25th, 2018, 4:06 pm

Know you "the south guard" scenario (I don't know his name I know only I this scenario we can rekruit elwen shamans or elwish fighters,we can do aliance with bandits or be their enemies, destroy domek walking corpses or we MUST destroy lich named "???")
In village in lake we seen instead "friends".This is water serpent.
This is my strategy agains him: 1:fly elilithiel to him or słów him2:sat to that stupid creature to he MUST ESCAPE 3:occupy village and slow him 4:he have poison attack , the village cured you but don't heal you you must kill him QUICKLY.
But to do this operation you must destroy his corpse "friends"
Have fun or posting! ;)
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Re: What do with "friend" of undead on "the south guard"?

Post by DwarvenRogue » September 25th, 2018, 10:45 pm

I have not played "The South Guard" on a high enough difficulty to face the water serpent, but I can give advice for the scenario where you can choose to befriend the bandits or fight them. I say fight the bandits IF you think you started the encounter with enough gold. Doing this makes things easier later on, at least on normal mode. :)
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