Simple strategy in Httt: Blackwater Port on Hard

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Simple strategy in Httt: Blackwater Port on Hard

Post by DanteF » September 15th, 2017, 12:42 am

Killing the orcish leader in Httt: Blackwater Port on Hard gives a special bonus, but I was never able to get it. The orcs recruit way too many units to defeat them on time while keeping Delfador and Konrad safe. Watching some of the replays available in the forum, I required a combination of multiple lvl 2s in the recall list, a high starting gold, insane luck in the counterattacks and/or in the final turn (to kill the orcish leader). However, recently I tried sucessfully a new strategy: Mass horsemen and luring orcs to the north (replay at the bottom). This strategy is simple and effective for 3 reasons:

a) Doable without getting lvl2s in Elves Besieged.
b) By avoiding the main orc army, I never over-expose Delfador, Konrad or Haldiel, so I don't require luck for their survival.
c) Doable with about 138 starting gold (6 horsemen recruits).

General Strategy/ Replay comments:

I start with 162 gold and recruit 7 horsemen. However, one of them does not get involved in the fight, could have done without him (So only 6 horseman recruits required - hence 138 starting gold required).

Send 2 horsemen north, luring orcs near the blue ally and capturing villages. The other horsemen and Delfador keep a tight formation in the villages southeast of the orc keep, later reinforced by new recruits. I avoid confrontation during the initial turns, and by turn 6, some orc units approach me but most have been sucessfully lured to the north:


As the night ends, advance towards the orc keep and use the horsemen to shield Delfador. By turn 9, I reach the orc keep during daylight, where the orc leader is reachable from 4 hexes by multiple horsemen and Delfador:


Delfador and 3 other horsemen can attack, with an EV of (14-4)*70% + 3*(22-2)*40% = 92. The orcish warrior has 58 hp. High CTK. Some wounded horsemen can be used as suicidal for even higher CTK (if they die, they leave room for a new horsemen). End of scenario.
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Re: Simple strategy in Httt: Blackwater Port on Hard

Post by Poison » September 15th, 2017, 10:31 am

Nice one, I have never beaten this leader or managed to win Siege of Elesenfar on hard at HttT, in my next run I'll try to use this to do so.

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Re: Simple strategy in Httt: Blackwater Port on Hard

Post by Elder2 » September 15th, 2017, 12:48 pm

Nice one. However I remember myself finishing this one on hard using more classical approach faster, but its still good.

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Re: Simple strategy in Httt: Blackwater Port on Hard

Post by oaq » December 8th, 2017, 1:21 am

You afford a new approach to a familiar scenario. Bravo.

For information, one can earn the special bonus at hard difficulty in this scenario, fairly consistently, in the following alternate way.

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