The Eastern Invasion - Holy Amulets

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The Eastern Invasion - Holy Amulets

Post by Entengelaende » June 7th, 2017, 4:26 pm

I just started playing The Eastern Invasion on Challenging (1.12.6) after replaying a few scenarios because I oversaw a Holy Amulet, I now have trouble finding the best units to pick up Holy Amulets. I gave the first one to Gweddry for levelling faster and being better at fighting undead. After that, I am not sure who should get one too. I tried giving one to a strong Lancer which could kill the reinforcement Lich on The Crossing when he arrives since he arrives at daytime which was quite nice, but apart from assassinating and scouting that Lancer has little use.
Since Paladins already have an Arcane attack and Mages are ranged (and have impact melee attacks too), only a few choices are left: Grand Knights, Cavaliers, Halberdiers and Royal Guards. Additionally there are Iron Maulers and Owaec who both have powerful impact attacks and Ogres who are just inferior to Royal Guards in almost all concerns.
At the moment I am thinking of giving the two remaining Holy Amulets to Grand Knights since they have, additional to their charge attack, the highest damage regular attack. On the other hand, Royal Guards could be useful too since they have good defenses and can move faster on difficult terrain.

I also read this thread which covers the same topic but it appers to be out of date.

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