Good ageless faction for wilderlands spot 3

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Good ageless faction for wilderlands spot 3

Post by leztharic » March 13th, 2017, 11:43 pm

Whats a good ageless era faction for the wilderlands map starting spot 3, the one with the yeti?

I find the yeti is a real pain in the @ss and most factions can't really contend with him...

Ukians work well on spot 1 for contending with the skeletal dragon, but what about spot 3 with the yeti?

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Re: Good ageless faction for wilderlands spot 3

Post by The_Gnat » April 29th, 2017, 3:49 am

The yeti is a hard to defeat unit, because of its resistances and massive hitpoints, combined with its melee attack. Here are my personal opinions:

- slow the yeti
- hit the yeti with arcane to which he is least resistant
- mainly attack the yeti with ranged attacks

The EFM darklanders may work because they have the 'wrath of the gods' unit, which both slows and hits arcane. But unfortunately it is quite expensive. Alternatively the BEEM anakes have the sniper who is cheeper and hits a more powerful arcane attack. The EE undead is good also because of its ghosts which are hard to hit and highly resistant and have arcane.

I have not tested any of these factions though, so please tell me how it turns out!

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