Elvish Shamans vs Mages in HttT

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Re: Elvish Shamans vs Mages in HttT

Postby naikon » September 23rd, 2017, 7:37 am

I think we are underestimating the illuminate ability of mage of light. When playing with mages, most of the time you will face chaotic enemies. And during all the turns except daytime, mage of light will increase the ally's attack by 25% and reduce enemies attack by 25%. This itself is like a slow. And unlike enchantress/druid, he doesnt need to use his attack for this. He can demolish opponents with his strong attack at the same time. Sorceress line need to use their weaker of the 2 ranged attacks to cast slow, that decreases their damaging power during that turn. Illumination can also affect more than one enemies in one turn. So, i think illumination is better skill compared to slow. And also mage of light has healing power and arcane damage. Three awesome abilities ,ie, Illumination(better than slow), healing , arcane damage combined is very impressive for a single unit.
White mages don't have iluumination but they have healing, and good arcane damage. Healing can compensate for their lack of slow when compared with sorceress and their good arcane damage may compensate somewhat for their lack of slow when compared with druids.
As for red mage line, they are the excellent at wreaking havoc. Their fire type damage and huge damage will kill most of the enemies easily.

Mages do require more xp compared to shamans but they have better ability to gain it compared to shaman tree, especially the druid line. Shamans have very low damage and it gets tricky to give him last hits. You need to leave very low hp on enemy using other units, and there is very high chance of other units ending up killing enemy target unit completely. Or dealing too less damage. If they deal too less damage than you would need to attack with one more unit to reduce its hp enough for shaman to kill. In that case, same situation arises and that troop may end up killing enemy again. Moreover, you are wasting lots of your units's attacks in one turn for it. Which may leave too may enemies alive near you, and might be bad for you in their turn. On the other hand, almost all the mages deal good amount of damage and are capable of leveling up on their own.
If you use save/loading especially for feeding up shamans than I agree that leveling up them is a piece of cake.

As for shaman's defenses of 70% compared to mage's 50% is one benefit of them but you wont be fighting always in forests most of the time.Marksman and magical attacks counters them also. Though I agree that this 20% bonus is definitely a plus, but its not enough to compensate for their other lacking qualities. And mages have better damage resistances to compensate for their 20% less defense in forests.
Difference in gold required for recruiting mages and shamans is insignificant over the course of campaign. Recalling them requires same gold anyway.

All in all, I am not saying that shamans are useless. They are definitely very useful and are my favourite troops in elf faction alongside elvish archers. But I do believe mages are better in most situations compared to shamans in campaigns.

PS - My views are meant only for campaigns and not for MP games.
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