Siege of Elensefar

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Siege of Elensefar

Post by seangregorycarroll »

Just jumping on here to vent. New player to this game but long time strategy game player. Though I was half decent gamer but this scenario has kicked my arse 10 times in a row on medium difficulty. Really frustrating.... ARG!
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Re: Siege of Elensefar

Post by beetlenaut »

This recent thread about Siege of Elensefar has excellent tips and a couple replays. It's specifically about hard difficulty, but it should apply to medium too.

Something else I should mention: After playing to this point, you could probably play the first three or four scenarios substantially better than you did the first time, and arrive at SoE with more resources--higher level units and more gold--enabling you to play it more easily. You could look at your first run-through as an extended tutorial. BfW is deceptively difficult to master, but if you keep at it and eventually play some of the expert campaigns, you will find SoE only mildly challenging, even on hard.
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Re: Siege of Elensefar

Post by MRDNRA »

I recently had my best ever run through on this scenario on Medium difficulty (still lost Haldiel, the loyal horseman, as I always seem to at some point in my more recent playthroughs, even though he'd already levelled up to knight by then!). I was in the fortunate position of having several recallable level 1 units close to levelling up to level 2, which provides quite a big boost to your overall effectiveness if you can get a recall list of similar state which can help avoid many losses in the orcs first night attack - just sit at the front line of the forest and they seem to attack level 1s quite willingly. Unfortunately I've already deleted the replay otherwise I'd've provided it!
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