Units you dread fighting against

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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Aelaris »

Araja wrote:Gryphon Riders.

Bats are bad enough, assassinating injured troops and requiring half an army to deal with, but when that kind of unit gets proper HP and some serious attack power, they become looming spectres of death.

The potential to be hit that hard, at any time, at any point along the line...Really makes it hard to calculate a battle.
Man, it's crazy how we all view the same units so differently.

For me, whenever I see a gryphon rider, I'm like, "Hey, look, a wounded unit for you! Wanna come over here and kill it? C'mere, you big ball of 24 GP." I mean, every single level 1 unit in MP trades with it for gain. But then other folks see it as the worse possible thing, rather than the best possible thing, and it reminds me of how peculiar my outlook must be.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Chief_Chasso »

A few honorable mentions of dreaded units to fight against from the human race is the Javelineer and Dragoon. The Javelineer has good melee and ranged attacks and of course firststrike. The Dragoon has the crossbow ranged attack which always seems to hit when your're fighting against them. The Dragoon also has good resistances and wide ranging mobility. These are two pesky units to have to go up against.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

Shaxthals....I hate those abominations. A group of War Drones killed my 50+ HP Spectre in AtS. :evil:
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by SBak »

It really depends who I'm playing - I tend to play either Rebels (or Elves) or Aragwaithi.

The faction I least enjoy playing against as a whole are Knalgans but when it comes to individual units it's either Orcish Slayers or Ghouls and Necrophages.

Orcish Slayers seem to all invariably have very high defences and take a lot of engagement as they also tend to sit on villages. It's a significant problem even when the villages are in forests or on hills and mountains because they take melee units away from other areas. I dislike having to recruit/recall melee units in say The Siege of Elensefar which I probably won't need for much of the scenario just because of a couple of Orcish Slayers.

However my worst are Ghouls and Necrophages. Yes like Orcish Slayers they have high defences and they poison, but they also have claws and like the rest of the Undead they get pretty serious at night.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Anonymissimus »

Considering campaigns only, definitely Shadows/Necrophages. The unit fits AI playing style perfectly. Don't care about the next turn, just kill that precious unit. Contrarily, saurians are at least visible. I've seen those taking down a full health Dwarvish Sentinel on good defense in a single turn. But every damn backstabbing strike did hit, just as usual. If possible, make double rows, since if one unit goes down, they slip through, backstab, another unit is down etc.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by TheCripple »

Marche wrote:Ugh, that one mission in DiD with the pillagers gave me a lot of reason to hate them. So much worse without DAs around to actually hurt them! Otherwise if I'm playing Undead, the wose. It crushes everything, such a pain to get rid of.
Wose used to annoy me, up until I realized just how well ghosts could handle them (particularly with a DA around to throw damage at them if worst comes to worst). The orc archer though, those are obnoxious as undead. Fire arrows and I do not get along.

Still, when it comes to particular units - Ulfserkers and Berserkers. Sometimes they are wonderful, wonderful things to have against you (such as when you have a skeleton that needs some experience), but they are entirely too good at coming out of nowhere - when properly concealed - and messing everything up.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Ank »

I'm usually the guy that goes pff send me what ever .... i'm playing on hardest level cause i need the challenge right up until i see a horseman(or one of its upgrades) and i'm suddenly like ...sooo witch one of my 60% or 70% deffence unit gets to be one shot-ed today ??! its crazy just like that logic and common sense vanish into thin air as u watch yr 60% or 70% defended unit getting raped from 1 hit (and to ad insult to injury it seems that 80% of the time it hits with the first shot)
I usually don't even blink when i see an opponent having a numeric advantage on me even on 3 vs 1 or worse i know it can be done if i play smartly... and then comes the horseman... who needs mages when that [censored] comes around ?... its as if someone brought a SMG user to a bronze age battle and to make sure it seals the deal it also gets the shooter mounted on top of a horse so he can easily disengage to restock hes bullets or patch himself up...
Naturally u say huh ?! what are u talking about archers spears all cheap and easy to get in order to counter the horseman ... yeah sure dream on as if smb is dumb enough to let the horseman be engaged from more then 1 or 2 hexes or do u actually think u can kill the horseman in precisely 1 turn after he reaches the front line ?! what's the rush why kill it in 1 turn ?? gee well the first time u see it hes doing smth ('someone' to be more precise as yr mage,archer,expensive support gets impaled) and should he be allowed survive past that turn its guaranteed to kill smth else ....soo math says cheapest non fodder unit is at least 12+ gold and if horseman survives past its first kill then by all means he will inflict 20+ in gold damage ... (soo care to remind me how expensive the horseman is ?... and just how hard hes supposed to be properly used when hes soo slow , unarmored ,hp deprived and does peanuts for dmg ?!)
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by RaustBD »


They're not worth the effort really to train up yourself, but when the computer gets their hands on them in their recruit list they will WRECK YOU. Very, VERY few units, even level 3s, are guaranteed to survive a run-in with these super-fast kamikaze devils. They are the bane of ANYBODY who can't bear to lose certain units.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Crow_T »

I'm going to throw in my vote for Necrophages as well, not only is it a hassle to melee vs them because of poison but they are very resistant to ranged attacks. ... phage.html Cold, arcane, fire and pierce are all 10% resistance or higher.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by The Great Rings »

Necrophages don't make me very worried. But giant Spiders and Ancient Liches are terrible.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by Velensk »

It depends on how you you want to look at it.

Individual units that are most irritating in my mind are Nightgaunts, Lancers, and Giant Spiders. Nightaunts especially in caves when they're invisible until they run in to backstab one of your units out of nowhere.

On the other hand, it doesn't irritate me all that much to see that I'll be facing these units at the start of the scenario when I'm surveying the scene. When I'm doing that the things I dread to see (more for irritation than difficulty) are saurians.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by taptap »

I dread drakes in caves, saurians on ice and merfolk on land. The result frequently is a ragequit due to disappointment.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by WesnothNewbie »

I personally dread fighting Gryphons and Nightgaunts in campaigns. I find Lancers and Halbedeers to be quite annoying as well.

Then again, on MP, I find Gryphons a joke. They're expensive for your enemy, and you'd think they'd make great assassins, but two-hits means more often than not that they fail. Also, the sound they make when they get hit is quite annoying, I find. For MP I'd probably have to say... assassins? I'm not sure.

Strangely, I don't find the Drake faction that scary. I actually find the Saurians more annoying--Drakes you can just pierce, pierce, pierce, and against most units they'd lose. (I find that the Drake faction is only balanced for good players.) Saurians, on the other hand, are either fast skirmishers or fast mages. 60% defence across a wide range of terrains can get pretty annoying as well, particularly if you're playing Northeners.

Just my two pennyworth.
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Re: Units you dread fighting against

Post by sadlyknight »

The Lv. 3 Draug and the ancient liches are the worst.
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