gain exp'ed units

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gain exp'ed units

Post by methinks » December 7th, 2003, 10:42 pm

Key to success is to gain experienced units as quickly as possible. With them it is easier to srush enemies in later levels, leaving place for gaining easy exp for lower level units.

Has anyone managed to boost up at least one unit in the first level?
I am very frustrated I wanted to test out a new archery strategy but when I recruti archers in first scenario jhalf of them dies with first enemy impact. They are horribly weak at night also randoming mechanism seems to be very stupid, sometimes with 60% possibility even 8 attacks in a row can be unsuccesful. Pretty impossible. And it happens not like once for a thousand or even hundred throws.
Anyway I lose all my archers pretty quickly, wuth other strategies I didn't manage to boost my units too. It is very strange that northern ally leader always manage to finish off those units that he had started to "hurt" but I do not (therefore het little exp), I got killed in "revenge" when it comes to enemy turn and almost killed by me enemy is getting killed by ally. Frustrating like HELL. Anyone has pretty strategy for this exact 1st scenario on how to get a boost or two??

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Post by fmunoz » December 7th, 2003, 10:58 pm

Keep your elves in the forest.
It's doable to advance a fighter to captain (or hero) in the 1st level, but I nevar was able to advance archers....
The key is to attack enemy units one by one with all your elves at the same time... and keep away from trolls at night

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Post by Kamahawk » December 7th, 2003, 11:13 pm

I've leveled one of my archers on the first level by getting the killing blow on the noth Orcish leader. My stratagy was to get all archers, secure any starting vilages I could get and then march all my forces twords the northwest corner and kill/attack anything that got In my way as I went along. I also managed to almost fully level another archer.

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Post by Dave » December 7th, 2003, 11:20 pm

Firstly, the game uses the ANSI C rand() function to generate random numbers. I think if one were to do a study on the randomness of the numbers produced, it would be found that they emulate true randomness fairly well.

Secondly, the game does not distinguish between AI and human controlled players when calculating outcomes of battles.

The AI does however, calculate its moves carefully, going through countless possibilities, trying to work out a move that will inflict maximum damage on you, while sustaining minimum damage itself.

You don't have to advance a unit in scenario 1 -- just get a few units to get some experience, so they can be ready to advance in the next scenario. Getting a fighter to advance is definitely possible, but an archer is more difficult.

Stick to the forest, and value keeping your men alive over taking foolhardy risks.


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