some help in loyals vs loyals

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some help in loyals vs loyals

Post by CoolDude »

i dont know what to do on this point o fthe game,when is night....both need to retreat?what is the most recommended units to use...etc...

i really need help here.
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Re: some help in loyals vs loyals

Post by Tonepoet »

For Lawful mirror matches, you should try to organize your attempts towards having the first attack during dawn or preferably the morning to kill as many of player 2's units before they have a chance to strike during their own preferred time of day. Player 2 can also try this strategy to an extent if you move in prematurely but overall player 1 should be slightly more effective at this than player 2 since overall, player 1 has the logical initiative.

As player 2 this means your goals should typically be aimed more towards preserving your HP during the afternoon and dusk, so that you're healthy enough to hit your hardest at those times. This allows you to take advantage of the fact that in the next turn, your opponent's opportunities will be cut by 25%.

Night is generally going to be the best time of day to take defensive actions since damage intake will always be lower. However it especially applies to healing since it's a hitpoint altering factor that doesn't take Time of Day into account. 8 hitpoints of healing will be proportionally more effective against attacks at night than the same 8 hitpoints of healing during the day. Because of this, try not to give chase onto your opponent's home turf at a less effectual time of day advantage unless you're fairly certain it won't grow into a battle of attrition or can have quick and easy access to a village in the case that it does. You'll mostly be working against yourself.

You'd think the reverse could apply to wholly chaotic mirror matches but this is only partially true because they also have a fair amount of poison, fearlessness and/or regeneration on their side which greatly changes the dynamics pendent on how the opponent recruits. Thankfully this has nothing to do with the loyalist specific topic at hand. Well unless you're lucky enough to get a whole slew of fearless Heavy Infantrymen but even then, a small handful of Mages could easily ruin your day so I'd recommend against it in any case so I can hardly recommend it even as a desperation tactic.
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