Fall of Trent help

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Fall of Trent help

Post by Desertofsounds1 » December 22nd, 2010, 10:46 am

So I'm having trouble with the fall of trent.
I use Bob's rpg era which is recommended in the map description.
Every time I play it, all of the units die before they can even get to the peasant. :(
I have used age of heroes era, but that is just boring because you don't get fancy level ups and stuff.

Any help?
Maybe how to make it easier? Or how to win with Bob's rpg era? Or which era is good in this?

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Re: Fall of Trent help

Post by shadowblack » December 22nd, 2010, 10:55 am

Are you saying you have trouble surviving the initial battle and fleeing the city? If so, in my limited experience with this scenario I have found the following strategy to work (assuming that you have at least one healer in the group):
Don't listen to the "hints" given at start. Move the entire group to the west border of the map. Then go south (again keep to the border at all times - this way you avoid most enemies) until you reach the cave entrance. Enter the cave, kill the ogre inside, then just wait for the pursuing enemies to reach you. It is possible to to place the heroes in such a manner that two heroes can attack a single enemy, and no other enemies can enter until that first enemy is killed. With a healer that heals +6 behind them it should be easy enough to kill all enemies. After that play normally.
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Re: Fall of Trent help

Post by Bob_The_Mighty » December 22nd, 2010, 1:03 pm

Alternatively, you could just listen to the "hints" :)

Leave the castle southwards, making sure to cover your weaker units, only fighting when something is blocking your way.

Note that the characters in Bob's RPG Era start a little bit weaker than other era, so it might make it harder on you. Make sure to take a warrior or two.

p.s. maybe a mod wants to add this thread onto the original one?
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Re: Fall of Trent help

Post by fenny » December 22nd, 2010, 6:38 pm

I played it once with some russian players and they had a completely different approach: killing all orcs and trolls before starting the trip to the south. I found this strategy insane - but it worked pretty well. All our units levelled up in the process ( we started with level 2s) and we had no enemies in our back coming after us. We had a white mage and a an elvish druid and could heal every wounded unit. We took the peasants with us, and one of them ended as a level 2 spearman.

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