Knalgans vs Wose

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Re: Knalgans vs Wose

Post by Noob »

Huumy is right woses do appear much stronger on paper especially if you match them up 1vs1.

Somethings to remember are that woses regenerate, this means if you decide you are going to attack a paticular wose make sure you intend to kill it.

Woses are slow and have low defense so it is easy to out manuever them and have the chance to get hits in.

Woses are stronger in the daytime so it is better to attack them at night one at a time.

An few example strategies

1. Chase a wose at night, run a footpad behind it and back stab it with a thief.

2. Use a griffon and a ulfserker at night, have the griffon weaken the wose and the ulfserker finish it off. Use your other units to shield your ulf and griffon and let them retreat and heal and then go kill another wose next night.

3. If you absouletly must kill a wose buy multiple ulfserkers and waste them on the wose. Be careful if you decide to do this, it is better to do at night and if the wose is one kill away from leveling up try to weaken it first then ulf it at night from the best terrain if possible.

When attacking woses it is better to go big or go home since woses regenerate minor attacks like a thunderstick are ineffective because the wose will regenerate and the other player can retreat his wose to heal.
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Re: Knalgans vs Wose

Post by Tonepoet »

Wesnoth is not simply a game of one on one matches. While you don't have any fire ranged damage to specialize in killing Wose, you have such a large amount of generalized blade damage that if you really want one dead, you can make it so. I say this because my statistical impression the Wose is that of a low defense high damage tank, which relies mostly on a high number of hitpoints and good resistances to soap up a lot of damage during the course of one turn. Other units that could be marked into this category is the Heavy Infantry man or the Drake Clasher. Something special to note about the Wose when compared to these other units is that concentrating your fire on a single Wose is a little more important because each Wose can only regenerate once per turn. You really need to dedicate your efforts into killing it quickly, as opposed to hoping they'll be hurt by a battle of attrition, which again you can do, due to the sheer amount of blade damage you have.

If you're facing Wose spam, keep in mind that Dwarves are technically more mobile over land, so in most cases you should be able to outmaneuver the Wose even quite simply with Dwarves. Dwarves also have 20% physical resistances, which is just enough to offset The Wose's Time of Day advantage and higher than average defense on both mountains and hills. Combined with gryphons and footpads you should be able to win out.

If you must use a ranged unit against a Wose, a Thunderer is highly preferable as Wose have low evade. True the thunderstick only deals 7 damage which won't last a round of regeneration all on its own but again, you would hopefully be able to concentrate your efforts. More importantly they have a fairly decent blade melee attack for a ranged unit, giving them the characteristics of a mixed range combatant if strong.

If you're forced to trade Ulfserkers on a 1-1 basis, the gold economy will be favorable. Just be careful about your opponent's experience management. Coincidentally Ulfserkers make this somewhat easier by reducing the number of turns it takes to kill a potential level-up. Also keep in mind that Ulfserkers are stronger on mountains.

Finally be careful with your Gryphons and don't use them in direct combat unless you have an opportunity to land the finishing blow, relatively safe. While their blade attack does quite a lot of damage to a Wose, the retaliation damage from the Wose's Crush attack just isn't worth it, thanks to the Bird's impact weakness, especially if you factor in the regeneration.
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