under the buring suns campaing help

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under the buring suns campaing help

Post by baldemir »

I managed to get intro the caves,and I don't know what side I should ally

trolls have permanet +25% at caves and have good hp whit regeneration but dwarves have better equipment and they are all neutral and have more variety who I should ally
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Re: under the buring suns campaing help

Post by Iris »

I'd personally side with the Dwarves since they do better on the surface during daytime, and there are only about 2 underground scenarios after A Subterranean Struggle — but it might also be because I have more experience playing as Dwarves in other campaigns. :P

As far as storyline goes, allying with either has pretty much the same effects on the plot, and in both paths the allies will give you a loyal unit (or you will save a near-dead one during the next scenario following Struggle). However, there might be reasons to consider the troll path — both plot lines involve the player making his or her way through a large pool of something. If you ally with the trolls, you'll have to swim through a large underground lake in the Dwarves' domain — with the dwarves, you get a free tour through a giant chamber filled with friggin' lava while the trolls summon more flame spirits to attack you.

Both have their pros and cons as you see.
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Re: under the buring suns campaing help

Post by fenny »

I choose the trolls. It's easier to fight with the trolls against the dwarfs, and the following scenario is slightly easier than this lava-pool scenario (and i like the underground lake). In one of the following scenarios you can rescue a dwarf or troll and he will come with you for the rest of the campaign. And a fully levelled warrior troll at your side is very useful, he can kill an enemy unit with one hit (that's very helpful in Out of the Frying Pan).
And you should choose the trolls when you like to play "The Sojournings of Grog" later ( i played it in 1.6 and i'm not sure, if it's available for 1.8 ).
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Re: under the buring suns campaing help

Post by monochromatic »

TSoG is available for 1.8. If you side with the trolls, then that campaign makes sense. But then again if you side with the dwarves you have IftU, AtS, and TSL. I picked the dwarves simply because the trolls were annliated even before the dwarves made their counterattack.
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Re: under the buring suns campaing help

Post by styles1005 »

Do you have the Dust Devil? If so, allying with the trolls might be a good idea - the dwarves have less that can effectively hurt it. In addition, the trolls have fewer, more powerful attacks, which take advantage of the low defense of elves in cave. Thus, if you pick the dwarves, it'll be harder (I think. I actually haven't been able to get very far through that scenario yet, so I don't know what comes later.)

On the other hand, in previous attempts on that scenario, I've done better with the Dwarves than the Trolls.
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Re: under the buring suns campaing help

Post by fredbobsmith2 »

I chose trolls. Initially I chose dwarves, but the trolls magic attacks, regen, and brute force per attack, as said above, was a bit too much. The troll is useful for some of the later scenarios, as said in the walkthrough. A troll warrior kills the 'weakened central body' in one go in the finale.
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