Team play and common sense

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Team play and common sense

Post by csarmi »

(1) You have 5 villages and your ally 4. He has already moved this turn. Tactically/strategically it does not matter whom of you takes the tenth village on your side. You should take it, so you do so (else your team loses 1 turn of upkeep/income).

(2) Now your ally is upset and sets out to even the number of villages on your side, losing your team 1 turn of upkeep/income.

(3) My question is: why is it so hard to understand what TRUE team play means?

(4) A lot of people seem to have problems dealing with this situation. What to tell them so they understand that (1) is necessary and (2) is a crime.
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Re: Team play and common sense

Post by norbert »

csarmi wrote:(3) My question is: why is it so hard to understand what TRUE team play means?
Team play requires flexibility and communication. Ask your teammate if (s)he's okay with you taking the empty village; briefly explain why/your motives. If the teammate doesn't like the idea, don't take it. If you took it, you could ask the teammate not to take back a village because your side will miss out on some income. If your teammate doesn't understand this, just let it go and allow her or him to take one of your villages. If you're flexible and keep communicating, your ally will not be upset. What "true team play" is, is highly subjective. If your teammate thinks the extra income for her or his side does matter - which might be true - it is not a "crime" of the teammate to take an extra village. There are no (official) rules against it. Also, relax: Wesnoth is just a game.
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Re: Team play and common sense

Post by Zarel »

Strategically, it does not matter whether the villages are split 6/4 or 5/5.

However, you don't play games for pure strategy. You play them to have fun. If you were playing for pure strategy, you'd have one person controlling both factions on that team, since that makes coordination easier.

If the villages aren't split evenly, someone's having more fun than you, and to some people that's not fair.
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Re: Team play and common sense

Post by Caphriel »

It does matter; that's a big income difference (usually 6 gold between the two players), which, depending on the map, means that your team's recruiting is uneven. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, but it's worth discussing before just grabbing the village to save 3 gold. Especially if your teammate was planning to take it, and had moved accordingly on their previous turn.
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