Hulavuta's Drake Strategy Guide

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Re: Hulavuta's Drake Strategy Guide

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Obviously this game doesn't have to 100% mirror most fantasy settings. This interpretation of the Drakes is basically a Proud Warrior Society, that's pretty suitable to be Lawful, but they're also like fire elementals explicitly weak to dark magic and so they're empowered by the sun and weakened by night or something. Plus, if they're not Lawful, who else will be? There's already three factions that lean Chaotic - Undead 100%, Northerners almost 100%, and the humans that comprise half of the Knalgan Alliance, whereas the Loyalists and a handful of Rebel units are lawful. If the Drakes were neutral that'd tip the faction into being the same alignment system as the Knalgans and that's an important part of their gameplay balance.
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