Need help with "Northern Winter"

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The Great Rings
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Need help with "Northern Winter"

Post by The Great Rings »

This is, I believe, the level in the Heir to the Throne Campaign right after you escape across the fords. I've played this level three times now, and I can't beat it.

I tried using cavalry to quickly take the nearer of the two orc castles first, and using it as a base from which to attack the second one. But by the time I took it the wolf riders from the other castle had seized all the villages, and I was overwelmed by numbers. I've considered attacking both at once, but I don't think I could pull it off with so few troops, given the low amount of starting gold.

What's worse, I've usually had my best units killed in the preceding battle as I try to cross the fords, so I'm usually fighting with level one troops.

Any tips on how to beat this level?
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Re: Need help with "Northern Winter"

Post by Trau »

Sounds like you need to replay the ford level and use more mermen/mermaids on that level and save your groundpounders.
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Re: Need help with "Northern Winter"

Post by thespaceinvader »

Use ONLY mermen/mermaids. Your land units should not see the light of day at the Ford of Abez. With that in mind, replay the Ford, and Northern Winter should prove little trouble, particularly if some of those units were horsemen line and/or elvish scout line. |
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