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fractional movement

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Aethaeryn wrote:Two movements in shallow water and swamp could also be interesting, though I'm not sure 1.5 in forest would work - there is no unit that has such a movement of decimals...
The way around this difficulty (if you must...) is to double the unit's native speed and terrain modifiers. This gives you more flexibility (without resorting to non-whole numbers) in how much to slow that unit down in particular terrains. IIRC, this has been done before, for a unit with some very specialized movement.

If you wanted to implement this in order to give the Ranger a movement of "1.5" in forests, you would change his speed of 12 instead of 6 (I think it's 6, isn't it?). Terrain modifiers would also be doubled.

In forest, the Ranger would get a modifier of 3 (equivalent to "1.5," since 3 = 1.5 x 2), however, instead of 4. This would mean in a single turn, in forest terrain, he could move 4 (= 12 / 3) hexes, instead of the 3 that a unit with movement 6 and modifier 2 would be able to move. Slower than the elves (Elf with movement=6, modifier=1 could move 6 hexes) but faster than most humans. Note that the "quick" trait would be much less useful for such a unit than for one with more typical movement and terrain modifiers.

IMO, because it creates more complicatedness (even if it doesn't exactly violate the KISS principle, which is debatable), this should only be used if the unusual speeds are *really* important.

I don't see a particular problem with having a single, level 3 human unit that has the ability to move in forest as fast as an elf. Better than making the above modification just to tweak the Ranger's movement in one terrain type.

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