South Guard - Vengeance Ending

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South Guard - Vengeance Ending

Post by aristademis »

Are there multiple endings to this scenario? If I move the elf to the parlay tree, the ending consists of a story describing the elves and humans as enemies. If she dies, I get the same ending. What's the point?

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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

The South Guard doesn't have a point.
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Post by aelius »

Well, the point is that justice often has a price.
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Post by aristademis »

Okay....yeah. I like the game so far, but why have the same ending regardless of if you succeed or not? It seems a shame that they couldn't come up with an actual ending that related to the outcome. Seems cheap.

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Post by ubertuna-1 »

when I played it was glitchy. I waited for about 20 turns but the elf girl never appeared. Might be because I sided with the thugs in the forest?
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Post by zookeeper »

TSG has been extremely buggy and yes, had this particular weirdness in Vengeance. In 1.3.8 however, Ethiliel is no longer allowed to be killed there, so you have to get her to the tree alive. I'd suggest anyone playing TSG to only play it on 1.3.8 or later.

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Post by Bircoph »

Just finished The South Guard campain :-).
It is beautiful itself, but not the ending.

Cold relationships with elfs (not a real war, but their forests are forbidden for humans, and diplomacy is forsaken) are resonable for the ending where you choose bandits in a fog, and actually betreat elfs in a prefer to thiefs.

But imo this is unacceptable when you wandered with elfs together for a long time, helped each other, and stood for each other, hand-by-hand eleminated the dark ones. So in the case when you steak together with elfs, in the end you must have at least some good relationships with them, some kind of diplomacy, trade, councils, and so on.

I haven't look in the weasnoth's code thorougly, but it shouldn't be not so hard to add an alternative ending, dependant on player's choise made in the fog earlier. Developers, please, consider this.
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